China Price – Alexandra Harney’s New Book

In the next few weeks, Penguin will publish Alexandra’s new book The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage. I know Alexandra from my last trip to Nanjing during the Young Leader’s Forum – a very sweet, wise, and professional girl. I know she has been working on this book for two years, and it must be very worth reading.

This book is about the hot topic of "made in China", and what the real price of China’s manufacture is, including pollution, and impact to migrant workers.

Harney shared some of the comments her initial readers sent to her. I didn’t have a chance to read it yet, but I am really looking forward to it.

"Harney has given us an almost forensic field guide to the strikingly low cost of labor-intensive goods manufacturing in China. By systematically sifting through the factors that cheapen the production process, she has denied us the luxury of uncertainty." – Daniel Rosen, principal of China Strategic Advisory and fellow of the Peterson Institute for International Economics

"This gripping, beautifully reported book lays bare the tumult of hope, fear and skullduggery that exists behind the ubiquitous ‘Made in China’ label. It should spur manufacturers, investors and consumers to worry a lot more about where everyday products come from." – James Kynge, author of China Shakes the World

"Essential reading for anyone concerned about how dangerous pet food and children’s clothing manufactured in China make it into American stores." – Kirkus Reviews

The China Price is now available for purchase on, Barnes& and other online retailers. An audio version will also be released simultaneously from Tantor Audio Books. Later, Chinese and Korean language versions will be available as well.

Tantor Audio

Barnes & Noble

Amazon UK

Please support my friend and talented writer Alexandra!

5 thoughts on “China Price – Alexandra Harney’s New Book

  1. ok now i have to say that the price of “made in china”is not reasonable, i know and have experienced how this product yield. all that cheap things made from sweat 、blood and even life itself of the poverty. why they just endure this to earn so litttle just for meeting basic living.

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  3. Wow!

    Its great to know about the up comming “The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage” Alexandra’s book.Not only those you can grasp a lot about where can you get the China Price,for example

  4. This just reminds us that there is no development without a cost and all of us, as a humanity, not only as individuals or countries, should work together, shoulder with shoulder to make the impact lower and avoid becoming our own species depredators!

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