5 Billion SMS Sent Yesterday

The number I got from CCTV today is, 5 billion SMS (Short Message) were sent yesterday. With the adoption of SMS, this is not surprising any more.

The Spring Festival of last two years were already full of SMS:

This year, I am not as passionate as before, since all kind of group send tool has made greeting as part of automatic process. When I receive a SMS, I am not sure about whether this person send it to me, or just to confirm that my mobile phone number is in his/her address book.

As always, my mobile phone doesn’t have any signal in my bedroom – I need to complain to China Mobile when they uninstalled a station nearby. When I bring my mobile phone to my garden, and get back in a few minutes, I "harvested" 97 unread SMS. Thanks for my friends who still remember me, no matter it is intentionally New Year’s Greeting, or the result of auto-sender.


In the morning, the result of the fireworks is everywhere.


After days of snow storm, it is sunny today. Yifan and the family went to Super Brand Mall in Lujiazui.


The family – Wendy, me, and Yifan are together!


Yifan had a wonderful bath today – the white cotton in his ear is to prevent water from running into his ears.


1 thought on “5 Billion SMS Sent Yesterday

  1. Jian Shuo,

    Happy Chinese New Year to you! Its wonderful to see pictures of your family together on Chinese New Year.

    I wish Yifan, Wendy and you have many blessings in this new year!

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