Watching Spring Festival TV Show Now

I am watching tihs year’s Spring Festival TV Show on CCTV now. It is from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM next day.

This is the 20th year of the same TV show. According to the latest statistic, 500 million people in China are watching this program, and maybe the TV program with the largest audience.

Fireworks are everywhere outside the window. However, with the Snow Storm across China, this Spring Festival is not as excited as the previous few.

P.S. For the next few days, I am on vacation, and I bought some DVD to watch. The interesting thing is, most of the DVD I bought are the latest movies that were just put into theatres, and they are GENUINE copies. Also, these genuine copies are selling at very cheap price – 15 to 12 RMB (2 USD). I talked about a copy of the genuine DVD before, but this time, they have so many genuine copies! In a store of 1,000 completely pirated DVD, 10 genuine DVDs are still not too much.

8 thoughts on “Watching Spring Festival TV Show Now

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family. I will miss the Chinese New Year in PVG this Year. I just got back from SYD. It rained most of the time. BTW way. Where is the shop I can get the genuine DVDs and how are you so sure they are Genuine? George

  2. I’ve found this year’s Spring Festival Show quite dull, even worse than last year’s edition which was already considered one of the worst shows ever. Just my humble opinion.

    Yesterday, I watched a few clips from the past editions on – it was just wonderful. I’ve noticed some evident differences between past and present editions:

    1. In the past, we had much less celebrities from the film and music industry. Then the number of celebrities rose, and coincidentally the quality of the show began to drop gradually. And frankly speaking, I don’t understand why we need so many celebrities now, especially stupid ones (this year we had Zhang Ziyi, S.H.E and Jay Chow). They are expensive, but don’t add any value to the show.

    2. In the past, the skits were simply brilliant in scripting as well as acting. Today, it can be considered an accomplishment if they can make the audience laugh even once.

    3. Why do we have so little cross-talk nowadays? They used to be among the highlights of the past editions.

  3. Bought a genuine copy of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” DVD in Beijing not long ago.

    Never laughed so much in a movie.

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