Labor Day (May Holiday) Canceled

I know this is not news. That was announced last December. The interesting thing is the other day, I talked with my good friend from California in Xintiandi. He talked the T.I.C (This Is China) moment.

He asked his friend what they are planning to do during the May Holiday this year. His friend told him very easily: “It was canceled”.

“What? Canceled”, he was very surprised, “It is just like U.S government suddenly announce Thanksgivings is canceled, which is unbelievable”.

Well. It IS possible in China. Personally I do not think negatively about the change, and the quick move of the change, like this. I mean I think so personally. However, I know many people in travel and hotel industry really hate the news.

9 thoughts on “Labor Day (May Holiday) Canceled

  1. Labor Day is NOT cancelled. *Personally* I think this article is really mis-leading.

    China does not cancel labor day, but just shorten the previous so-called “Golden Week” from 3 days holiday to 1 day holiday and the extra days were moved to QING MING, CHONG YANG and DUAN WU.

    Thus the total holiday within one year increases from 10 days to 11 days.

    People still enjoy the holiday at May 1st.

  2. 致://bbs.华@尔@街.com主管部门及人大代表和执政者的一封信

    我在贵站不同栏目版块、同样内容、标题不同的帖子全部被偷偷删除,不留一丝痕迹,而唯独显示标题为”布衣之怒-经历的鬼事”的封 杀了的帖子!其它帖子的题目是:”讨工资和社会保险目前所经历的诡异” 请转呈人大代表反馈函四!








    郑重声明: 请找我本人!

  3. I think of China’s government like a US Fortune 1000 company…able to make unilateral decisions like this that everyone must follow. However, the decisions with a lot of players in a hierarchical power structure inside the government who debate and fight political battles to see that these decisions get made.

    I think of US’s government the political system like a marketplace and community…you cannot “force” the community to do anything, in fact the community insists on a certain level of self-governance and self-determination, otherwise they will leave (in this case, vote out the current leaders).

    Anyway, this is a theme I want to explore more fully…what do you think Jian Shuo? Is China like Ebay Corporate and US like Ebay Community? :) I’ll post on this in more depth at some point in the future…gotta go…

  4. I understand why the government is changing these holidays, and maybe people think that tourism won’t be so good, but I think will rather change that!

    The last long vacational periods in China, just like this winter break just now, resulted in thousands without tickets or paying overrrated rooms and services.

    If people can have their holidays in different days and as I recalled, tingshuo the companies will make up those days to every person in a one-to-one basis, what could be better hehe for everyone… China is such a big country, it’s better to avoid this massive movements hehe and promote the tourism all along the year…

    And about cancelled and canceled, both are ok, different spellings in British-American hehe.

    Love… And enjoy this upcoming Chinese New Year! Wherever you are

  5. Wow, it was a real shocker to me to read this information.What are the holidays that FanfeiCh talking about? Wow, no May holiday. So hard to imagine. I liked that mid-semester break as a teacher(except during SARS, when we didn’t have much of a break,anyway)! How unusual….for me.

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