Backed Up All My Documents

Before I install Windows Vista tomorrow, I want to back up all my files on my Drive D.

My rule of file management is always:

  • Reinstall Windows system every two months.
  • Reinstall all software again.
  • Backup my all my documents during this time

I bought a new 60G Mobile Disk with USB 2.0 Interface. It costs me 470 RMB (I know I over paid but I didn’t have too much time). It has a HITACHI 60G Disk with a SSK disk case.

Volume in drive E is Jian Shuo Wang's Mobile Disk
Volume Serial Number is 108C-60BB Directory of E:\
01/22/2008 02:03 PM 2007
0 File(s) 0 bytes
1 Dir(s) 61,669,658,624 bytes free

Hopefully, I will have full back of all my docs every year.

P.S. A New Tooth

Just found out I got a new tooth in my month – pretty painful. I am expecting my son Yifan to have his first tooth, and finally, I got one.


  1. Considering the need to re-install an operating system every two months doesn’t really positively demonstrate the capabilities of the operating system, does it? :)

  2. Otherwise instead of reinstalling Window every two months, you should buy a Mac

  3. Hey, look at the bright side. One more tooth is better than one less tooth.

  4. why not use ubuntu?

  5. 1. Reinstalling an operating system every two months does not seem to be a good behavior to me. I have been used XP on my notebook for about two years, and everything is just running fine. Is your machine really slowdown after two months usage?

    2. I paid less than $100 for 500G USB external drive (WD My Book), which I think is a better deal than yours. :-)

    3. My son got his first tooth at 5-month. What a cute tiny tooth! I bet Yifan will have his first tooth soon.



  6. Jian Shuo

    That seems like a lot of unnecessary work to me. Does your hard drive and operating system get badly corrupted after 2 months of internet use? If so, I believe you should check into a good spyware and malware cleaner such as Spyware Doctor to help keep your system running smoothly.

  7. Listen to Sun, switch to Ubuntu. When I got my PC loaded with Vista it took me a month just to figure it out. It was horrible. Look me a day to switch to Ubuntu on both of my machines. I wish I would have done it earlier. PC can not run 24/7 without issue.

    Food for thought ;)

  8. After I started to use google docs 1 year ago, I found I don’t need to backup any document when I reinstall the system.

  9. @Kalagie: 3,5inch hard drive is much cheaper than 2,5inch

    Why don’t you put the personal files on a different partition/harddrive? Makes reinstalling much easier.

    Besides that: I also regret every day I let pass by befor switching to mac, but that’s OT ;-)

  10. Agree with you: backup my documents every year;

    last year, I have lost my computer, and lost all of my documents, it is awful.

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