Dishui Lake Satellite Pictures

Dishui Lake is my favorite place to spend a weekend. Today, I found the satellite pictures of this artificial lake is updated on Google Earth.


The bigger scope of the lake.


Zoom in and see the current building. I believe there will be many more buildings in this area.


This is the relative location of the Dishui Lake in Shanghai Map.


In term of its relationship with Yangshan Deep Water Port, here is the map:



  1. hi WJS

    do u think buying some weekend getaway property in dishui hu around 1 mil rmb is worth anything in long or short term future? just curious as i have been there only once and whole place looked like a ghost town with too many buildings and no people, perfect for some hororr sci fi movie kind…….

  2. No idea. Really depends on how large the house is. But I don’t have a good sense of real estate market.

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