Train Ticket Office at Maglev Station

Many people arrives in Shanghai Pudong airport empty handed – I mean without the train ticket to the next city. Typically, they just arrives, and want to get train ticket, and then directly take a train to nearby cities, like Hangzhou, or Suzhou.

There is a train ticket office at the Longyang Road Station of Maglev (Maglev only have two stations, Pudong Airport and Longyang Road). It can be very helpful if you know its location to plan your trip.

Location of the Train Station

You should be able to find many pictures I took about the train station. Here are more detailed map from Google Earth:


The silver roof building at the south is the Maglev Station, and the more ugly square building on the north is Metro Line #2 Longyang Road Station. The Train Ticket Office is just inside this building.

Photos of the Train Ticket Office

Be prepared that this ticket office is not a fancy place – it hides in a small door with a very small window – it reminds me of scene of a jail.


This is the "jail" window. There is only one lady behind these bars. Also be prepared that the service is really bad, since this lady must be very badly paid (I guess)



This is outside ticket office. It reads: Railway Ticket Office. It is at the gate #2 of Long Yang Road Metro Station.


I hope the view north of the ticket office helps you to find it. It is a metro station (of future Metro #7). Typically, you will leave the Maglev from the south side, and you will only see a nice parking lot area. If that is the case, you need to turn to north to find the Metro Station building.


This is the view FROM the gate of the Ticket office looking south. At the end of this hallway is the Maglev Longyang Road Station. I hope this picture gives you a little bit idea about the relative locations of this small office. The reason I show you so many duplicated photos is, the office is so small and is really hard to find.


12 thoughts on “Train Ticket Office at Maglev Station

  1. Hi,

    to find the office: follow signs for exit 2 of long yard road station. it’s on the left as you walk out

    save money and time: you can also purchase return tickets, or tickets to and from other cities. (great for keeping stress of travel low!)

    Thank you so much for talking about this place, I’ve used it twice and it’s saved me from paying online booking fees!

  2. I arrive in PVG around 5:30 PM, I need to go to Yiwu the same night.

    Bus from airport I think to late.

    About Magley to metro and metro to South Sha rail station, Posible, tickets available?

    Bus to Sha train it takes to long? true?

    Thank you

  3. Hi,

    i need to get to nanjing from shanghai and my plane arrives at 6.30pm. How far is the station from pudong airport and can i buy train ticket from the airport or station? or do I have to go to maglev station?


  4. I just went there to buy a couple of train tickets. You were right, the service is horrible! I said (in Chinese) “I’d like two train tickets to….” and before I could finish she just laughed at me and repeated the words “mei you, mei you” over and over.

    At least she could have pretended to look them up and say, “Sorry, we don’t have any for that date.”

  5. Jian shuo wang,

    thanks for your post. Can you please help me? i am going to beijing on 5th september by plane from jakarta, indoensia. I plan to go to shanghai. Which train is comfort, save good and reasonable price for us? Do you know where i beijing i can buy/book the train ticket? travel agent or the train station directly?

    Kindly advice.

    I am looking forward for your reply.



  6. Hi Mr Wang

    Your blog has been truly informative! (E.g. info on platform tickets) Thanks for spending the time to share your experience.

    I am plannng two trips in mid-Nov:

    1. Shanghai to Kunshan

    2. Shanghai to Beijing

    Is there anyway I can book tickets online so as to guarantee my journey? I have a long list of work achievables, in one very short week!

    With much appreciation,


  7. From Shanghai to Beijing, you’d better take filght, and there are more than enough sites to help you book airline tickets, with the leading one as in China. For train, there is no easy online way to book it. You may ask your local friends, or staff to help on it. From Shanghai to Kunshan, you can just arrange a taxi to go there (if budget allows), or hire a car there. You may also go to classified site to hire a car.

  8. Does anyone know where is the taxi station at Longyang ? which side or which way out to take the taxi, not metro, for People’s square ?

  9. There are many taxi at any road – just wave to them and they will stop. So the first step is to find a road – any road.

    If you insist to go to a taxi station, it is at the south side of the Maglev Station.

  10. I have spend 25 years on Security fields I work at all positions ! My last job is in some Bank at middle est Security Manager . I was graduted from army collage and has many courses on Security from England Egypt Kuwait France and I visit many Countries but I’ve never seen at all the world same Shanghai Securiy is very very strong ! the Police mans & helping of police mans on the Roads & CCTV systems controlling all the city protect all the malls -Gold Shopping-Important places -leaving complexes -Parks and a lot of locations coverage -on the Roads the CCTV control the cars .on the buses on the trains on the River side !Good luck and my greeting from me & all forgin people leaving in Shanghai to the Police & Security Leaders in Shanghai for that good control and evrey body from all the world like to leaving in Shanghai City because feeling the safty first ! I hope if I can join on the security on this city.

    Jack Al-Ali

    on 09 Nov 2010

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