Bobo’s Playing Two-Section Stick

YouTube Video uploaded by York

After practicing for more than one month, Bobo finally made this video. Now, more and more Kijiji guys join to practice this interesting sticks. :-) Not bad, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Bobo’s Playing Two-Section Stick

  1. Cool

    I used to play with the two-section stick and I got my head hit by it three times.

    so I just give up. It really need practice to do cool action.

  2. to manage an all-English website at this level…how you have done it is beyond me…

    I’ve always wanna to set-up my own all-English website, but was never able to resist the urge to switch back and force between languages..:)

    Your website is very interesting and well maintained. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Hey WJS! Perhaps you can fill me in on something that’s been bothering me. Is it true that the government changed the holidays for next year? When I was riding the bus home I thought I saw a news segment about the new changes. No more one week May Holiday? And instead some scattered one day public holidays like what they do in the US? There’s been nothing about it yet at or Shanghaiist who I sort of rely on to translate major news.

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