More Detailed Shanghai Future Metro Map

This Saturday, someone called me by my name when Wendy and I was walking near the Shanghai Jiaotong University. It turned out the lovely young man is one of my readers, and he is a student in the management school in SJTU. His name is Tianhong Shen. He was very happy to see me, so did I.

Later, he was so kind to send me many maps of Metro and Expressway system. It is among the best quality I got. Here is the future Shanghai Metro Map.

So, on behalf of Tianhong, let me post the new Future Shanghai Metro Map:

Image credit to the owner of the map

Here is the original image.

6 thoughts on “More Detailed Shanghai Future Metro Map

  1. From the map I can see plainly route 2 light rail is intended to be the shuttle of PVG, I think it means Maglev will be in dormant once the light rail is completed.

  2. Cool, there you can tell more about the relations between some POIs and a station. But a english version would be very cool!

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