Shangri-La Likes Twin Towers

Shangri-La is a great luxurious hotel. There are something in common in its hotel in Beijing and Shanghai: they both has two towers.

Shanghai Shangri-la

Check this photo (not taken by me).

Photograph by Dwaine. Album: China 7 – en route and Shanghai

The new tower is at the background, and it is taller than the old tower.

Beijing Shangri-la

Photograph by henryw88. Album: henryChinaTripMay2007

Look at this Beijing tower. It is side by side.

The Strategy of Shangri-La

Shangri-la wants to be one of the first 5 star hotels in many places, and they reserved enough land for expansion. When the time is ready, they build the second tower. The two towers are at different price – the newer one is more expensive, much more expensive.

2 thoughts on “Shangri-La Likes Twin Towers

  1. I stayed at the Pudong Shangri-La while in Shanghai Christmas of 2000.

    A very memorable experience.

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