China’s Role in Movie Transformer

Watched the movie Transformer.

It seems China, North Korea, and Cuba are the enemy by imagination in the movie.

When the attack is not identified, they just guess it comes from one of these three countries.

If it is a longer version of a TOEFL listen comprehension, I’d like to ask the typical question at the end of each dialog:

What did the director imply?






  1. fuck the sb director

  2. It implies that we don’t like communists. You don’t like them either.

  3. It has nothing to do with capitalism or communism. It is all about competition. Remember 20 years ago, Japan faced the same criticism as the one China is facing today. The ludiculous thing is, China spends more than 400 billion to fund the US T bond and the US does not appreciate a single bit for it. What a shame.

  4. It implies that the United states regards China as its big rival if not biggest.

  5. just a movie , i don’t think it is related with the conuntries. we can see many likely scenas in movies. But i like watching the movies like the transformer.

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