Yifan has His Hair Cut

I didn’t wonderful job (maybe you don’t think so) to do a hair-cut for Yifan.

Yifan is 4 months and a half old, and he did his first hair cut when he was one month older by professional infant hair-dressers, and this time, it is my show time.


I am doing my first hair-cut for Yifan.

This is the result:

Not very bad, isn’t it?

I told Yifan that he’d better pray for his father’s hair-cutting skill improve soon, since in the future, all his hair-cut job is mine.

8 thoughts on “Yifan has His Hair Cut

  1. Hahahahahahaaa! So, if for some reason your venture with Kijiji is not a success, I think you have found an excellent “back-up” profession, Jian Shuo. He is SO CUTE!!!!! I want to reach right inside my computer monitor and squeeze those chubby little cheeks. Please give him a kiss for me, OK? Much love from California!

  2. thanks, Carroll. Yi Fan will kiss back if he can understand this comment. :-)

    I have sent a picture to you which I took this morning for the little boy.

  3. Yifan is adorable and handsome too, you and Wendy better watch out, he will be breaking girls’ hearts soon!

  4. That’s one handsome guy! It’s tradition to save the first cut lock of hair as souvenir. We still cut Megan’s hair at home, after 7 years, but it’s easier since she’s allowed to grow hers long :-)

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