Hey, What’s This on Shangzilla?

My kind reader notified me about this strange post on Shangzilla:

City to build enormous statue of Wang Jian Shuo

And there is a strange photo:

Image from Shangzilla.com

This is strange, isn’t it? My friends in Shangzilla (or Shanghaiist) are so creative to bring out fake news like this. Haha. I am amazed, although feel strange to see my “head”, not the whole body hanging on the top of a pole. Hmm… Not so good.

3 thoughts on “Hey, What’s This on Shangzilla?

  1. Hi WJS, hope you don’t mind the joke! Everyone at Shangzilla really enjoys your blog!

  2. How funny! I love the part about the LED displays from your eyebrows. You know you have really become famous when humor sites begin producing parodies and jokes about you, Jian Shuo :-)

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