Meetup in Palo Alto on Sept 9, 2007

Hi my readers in bay area, sorry for being late in posting this information about the meetup. Again, let me irritate that I am the typical Perception type of person in the MBTI test, and I enjoy doing things in the last minute. This is not good, but this is just my preference that I need to use counter-preference to balance the way I organize my life. Anyway, finally, one day before the meetup day, I am excited to post the Wangjianshuo’s Blog Meetup in Palo Alto. This is the second time I organize a small meetup in U.S. Some of you may remember or joined the first Meetup in San Francisco, two years ago on April 24, 2005.

OK. This is the second one. This time, I choose it put it in the more heart area of the Silicon Valley – just at the University Ave near the Stanford University.

Here is the Location

Starbucks Coffee: Palo Alto

278 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA

(650) 321-8600

Below is the map. It should be the white building at the corner of University Ave and Bryan St. Zoom out if you want to find the location. I know for most people in Bay Area, you don’t need direction to get there. Please note: there are two Starbucks on the street. Do remember to find the one with number 278.

Sorry for not being creative, but there is not so many places on the top of my mind that I have an expected and consistent experience worldwide. Parking lots are available nearby.


The time of the meetup span from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM, Sunday afternoon, Sept 9, 2007.

You can drop by at any time. It is just a casual event, and you are welcome to bring your friends. I should be there from 3:30 PM.


I don’t have any topics to discuss. I just know I have many readers and friends I have never exchanged emails, or left comments before, or someone we have exchanged emails but didn’t have the opportunity to meet. This is just a set of the time and location. If you don’t have any arrangement, you are welcome to come.

Maybe, there is a topic about this little blog. I am running this blog for 5 years next Tuesday. There is a lot of stories to tell in the last 5 years, and if you want, we can start with this.


I am not counting the numbers, or doing any registration kinds of logistic. Let’s keep it stupid, and simple. If you want to join the meetup, just drop by before 5:30 PM, Sunday. If you want to write a comment to introduce yourself before you come, you are also very welcome to do so.

Cannot find me? Send me a SMS on your mobile phone to +8613916146826 and I will get it. Yes. It is a plus sign that you enter into your mobile phone.

See you on Sunday!

Update Sept 10, 2007

Yes. It is a great meet-up in the Starbucks in University Ave. I think we should have a photo but I forgot.

Nina, Meng, Bob and Yuxiang came, and we just have some free chat. It is nice to everybody.

3 thoughts on “Meetup in Palo Alto on Sept 9, 2007

  1. I read a newspaper about you in Houston, am facinated about your success. I have a blog myself and had a lot of visitors from all over the world. I am a Chinese live in US, started a blog a couple of weeks ago, essentially by accident. I got more than 2000 hits from 17 countries, not one of them came from China.

    I decided to chase you around, now when I read your journal, I know you are in US. Too bad you are not in Houston, otherwise I definitely will meet you in Star Bucks. I sent you a few emails though, I don’t know if you got time to read them, for all the jet-lags.

    Okay, I hope you can check on my blog:

    My wife was learning swimming when I was hit by an idea of investing US stock market. I follow “smart money” post several times a day, and I usually have less than 100 page views per day (I just started), but I have comments almost every post, which keeps me going.

    If you think it’s worthwhile, please create a link on your blog, because I don’t know how to do it. I have created a link of you blog on my blog, let us meet with all our friends on the cyber space.


  2. Hope you have had a good time in the Valley. Guess you are a frequent visitor here now so I’ll save you some time for other fans of your blog:) Keep in touch

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