Pass-by the Cornfield in Sunnyvale

There is always something interesting outside our homes.

Jin showed me the famous cornfield along the Lawrence expressway in Sunnyvale last night when we drove back to my hotel. At night, I didn’t see it so clearly, but I managed to find it out on Google Earth.

Here is a report about the cornfield.

Joe Francia, the owner, just keep the land and won’t sell it. He loves to grow food on his own land. If he stays happy with it, why sell the land for millions of dollars? Interesting guy and gave me a lot inspirations. Thanks Jin to show it to me. BTW, we talked about the land when I asked a silly question yesterday: where are the farm land in Bay Area?

P.S. Google is also very interesting service. I wrote this blog with just a title and a Google Map. I take a snap and when I am up and continued to write this blog, I searched “Cornfield Sunnyvale” and found this blog entry is already the second result in the search result page. Wow. I want to give credit to Google for searching so fast, and also give my blog some credit for being a reliable content source that Google bot loves.

Update: Sept 9, 2007

Yin, Tina and I visited the cornfield in Sunnyvale again, and took some pictures. Here you are.

More pictures of the cornfield can be found here.


  1. I like grow plants too,which makes me more close to the nature.

    BTW,I don’t know how to insert Google map into the blog.

    But I think i can find the answer using Google.

    So much things i don’t know,So i should spend more time on learning.

  2. @ericNo1, this is the link I used to create map like this:

    I created the little script to help to put Google Map inline into any page.

  3. Jian Shuo, it was very nice meeting you on Saturday.

    I’ve lived in Santa Clara/Sunnyvale for several months now and never noticed the corn field. Next time I drive by Lawrence Expressway, I’ll make sure I look for it.

  4. I used to live within walking distance to that corn field and always thought the owner should sell the land for housing development, haha.

  5. Jianshuo, nice pics. :)

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