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I have a subdomain just to hold profiles of users (or commenters). I admit it didn’t work so well. Ling mentioned it yesterday.

Hi Jian Shuo! Thank you for the medal! Wow! I actually topped the list for this month! Hahaha. I was so happy when I saw this post last night that I told my husband, “Yay! 我是第一名,我是第一名!” (English: “I’m number one!”) I didn’t know that being the #1 commenter of a blog for a month could make me feel so good. Guess everybody loves recognition and attention. Hahaha. *;)

You know, actually I was just aiming for the last position with 4 comments. But the topics in this blog are just so interesting that I wanted to join in and share my views as well. *:)

By the way, when I click my name above, I see that “Ling” has posted a total of 19 comments. The previous 10 comments were actually posted by someone else whose nick was also Ling. In order to not confuse myself with other commenters with that name, does it mean I need to register an account?

Once again, thank you for the recognition! Commenting on your blog sure is fun! *:D


Ling *:)

Posted by: Lin

I hear that. So I spent some time (two hours) on Sunday to fix this problem. Now I am happy to present you the new improved commenter profile page.

The New Look and Function

Take Ling’s profile page as an example, you will see this new design:


You may notice the change: there are more colors to present the different commenters. Each email is presented in a different color, without leaking the information. You can also click on any color to filter the comments to only that user.

Try to play with it and see if you like it. Very soon, during my next rebuild of this blog, commenter’s name will be linked to this profile page, unless he/she specify URL when he/she left the comment. In this case, it will be directly linked to the homepage.

Find out Your Comment Page

Want to see your own comment page? If you have ever left a comment on this blog, you can find it by entering the nickname you choose when you made the comment into the form below:

P.S. As I write this entry, I found there are 16,000 page indexed in Google. I believe this change can contribute to the search index of Google. Let me wait and see.

5 thoughts on “Improved Commenter Page

  1. Hi Jian Shuo! Wow, you’re really fast! Hey, I like the new color coding. I think it’s cool! Wow, your commitment to improvement and excellence really inspires me. *:) Thanks!



  2. Oops, I forgot one thing. The color coding may not work so well for color-blind users, though. Hmm… that’s some food for thought there. By the way, I’m a technical writer by profession, and this was something we had to consider when someone suggested using color to code certain types of text.

    Okay, I’ll be back. It’s time to sleep now. Good night. *:)

  3. :-) I am happy that you like the new design. Regarding the color coding, yes, it is a good concern, but it is all about the standard people hold about accessibility. I have high standard on content but not on accessibility. Anyway, this blog is not a must-read.

  4. Fully agree with what you said, here is my addtional 2 cents:

    Just finish the Frontier Visionary Interview with Alvin Toffler ( ), I was impressed by his sharp mind as well as his talking speed, that is probably why he could made those precise predictions, such as Prosume, a combination of outsourcing and DIY

    Through the interview, the following viewpoints have been drawn:

    1. There is no truth, only the correctness of truth to be proved. That is the fundamental limitation of human perception of reality

    2. Minority power is good in certain way; it is ridiculous a high school drop out shall have the same voting as that of post-doctor. Elite ruling is good for a less developed world for sure

    3. To fix the education system, the key is not the system itself; the key is people, especially those students. How to motivate them is a key challenge, since current generation and future generations need not study and work hard in order to make a decent living as we did before

    4. The causes and effects of innovation to drive knowledge creation is yet a wild land or wonderland to be fully explored

    5. There is a possibility for business miniature to happen, it will be not a shame any more for one-man shop, or one-shop man

    6. Where will the modern civilization head on remains an open question

    7. Human intelligence will be enhanced through technology advancement

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