Yifan is 3 Months Old

Tomorrow Yifan will be three months old. Here are his recent photos – I took it today.

Wendy today created a flash movie for Yifan.

Yifan now is so sweet, and his has lots of “favorite moment”.

  • He loves morning. I like to sit by his bed and wait for him to wake up from the long sleep in the morning. When he wakes up, and see me, he immediately give me wonderful smile – I always smile longer and happier than he does.
  • He loves to have his “breakfast”. He eat milk from his mom, and he does enjoy his first “meal”. He sings and kicks when he eats, and obviously he is happy about eating again after long hours of sleep.
  • He loves to go out. We bring him out, and now he starts to be a little bit curious about the outside world. He keeps eyes wide open and see this and that along way. At the second part of any trip, as always, he sleeps in my (or Wendy’s) arms.
  • He loves bath. He do enjoy sitting in the warm water and enjoy Wendy to put shampoo onto his body.
  • He loves TV!. I cannot believe that he, at his 3 month, is so interested in the TV. He tend to turn his head toward the screen. I guess he is just curious about colorful objects. I am always naughty enough to put a pillow between him and TV so he cannot watch TV – he is not frustrated about it yet. :-)

The life with Yifan is so much fun. I do enjoy everyday this little angel in our home.

18 thoughts on “Yifan is 3 Months Old

  1. Though i am still a college boy,but i can truly feel the happiness when having a little baby.I love baby too,and every time i play with the little child,i become much younger than what i am. Wish your baby healthy every day.

  2. jianshuo i read today’s yangzi newspaper, there is a artical about your bolg. you are a famous person. i sill remember i read the same one one year ago!

  3. @David,

    Welcome back! Thanks for letting me know there is an article on Yangzi Daily, but famous is not a good word for me. So called “famous” is only about the image of a person, and the image often, if not always, the exaggerated version of the real person.

  4. Jian Shuo, congratulations! Your baby is really very cute!! I showed my husband the music video Wendy made for Yifan. Both of us find him very adorable. Actually, my husband loves children. Heehee. I’m glad that I’ve started growing to like them too. *:)

    May your baby grow up healthily in all aspects of his life – physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

    God bless,

    Ling *:D

  5. Don’t worry about it very much! I mean the thing of yifan watch TV.As I know he can not see things very clear this time now,I think he turn his head toward the screen just he can hear something from there.Belive me ,I’m a mather of girl,and she is twelve years old now.

    by the way,thank you for all your have done,I just know you from newspaper,you are great!

    he’s very cute! like you write done!

  6. Wow!!! It’s amazing how fast babies grow. Maybe they grow faster and become more curious when they are fed mother’s milk instead of ‘junk’ out of a can.

  7. @beidi, welcome to my blog, and it seems there are newspaper does have a lot of audience, although I don’t read it so often now.

  8. Hey,I read the article on the newspaper,so i came here.Your blog is so interesting,i will come here as ofen as posible .

  9. What a cute baby you have ! You are so lucky to have this angel,wish your baby to be healthy and happy.

  10. Jaime Zheng Jiayang Breitkreutz (郑家洋) is 1-month old today… :D – time travels so quickly…

  11. Sry for digging out this old thread. I just noticed on the upper picture that Yifan, as many many other Chinese, has a dark spot on his left upper arm. Could someone tell me what this spot is about?

    Some people have told me that it is due to some sort of vaccination. But if that is true, vaccination against what exactly? And why do so many Chinese get this vaccination, but Westerners not?

    Others have said that some people have a similar spot on the butt, in which case the spot is purportedly called the “mongol spot”. Anything true about this claim?

    No offense though, I’m just curious.

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