Shanghai is Hot, Hot and Hot!

I completely have no idea when the hot summer of Shanghai will be over. Recently, everyday when I step out of my room, the hot (extremely hot air) reminds me of what was shown in the film An Inconvenient Truth. Shanghai broke track record of extreme hot weather in the last century, many times!

Poor visitors! If you are in Shanghai, I promise you Shanghai isn’t always so terrible to live, and there are some days better than today. Do come again at other time. These days, Shanghai is just like a hot spot, and the air is burning my nose.

So, to remind people that there are cool days (acturally cold days) in Shanghai, let me post a photo I took back in Dec 29, 2004 of the heavy snow in Shanghai. We just got back from our long trip in New York at that time, and Shanghai was not THAT cold, and we were very happy about it.

Feeling cool now?

12 thoughts on “Shanghai is Hot, Hot and Hot!

  1. Greetings from London! It’s 27 degrees Celsius here today, a little cooler than Shanghai.

  2. I do not miss the Shanghai summers at all. Jian Shuo, you need to make a trip to the Bay Area where it’s a perfect 22 C (and sunny) right now!

  3. it’s nice and cold at night in Sichuan..freeze during the night and bake in the heat during the day. at least Shanghai stays hot 24/7 during the summer. need air conditioning–the best solution to stay comfortable. :>)

  4. Jian Shuo, do you know what’s the translation in Chinese for the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”? I’ve tried to find it in different DVD stores in Shanghai without success for the moment…

  5. Anyway, I know there are many places with much better weather, but I have to be here and waiting the summer to go away.

    Oli, one translation for “An Inconvenient Truth” is 难以忽视的真相

  6. Blame it on global warming, for all this irratic weather conidtions, USA and China, This 2 countries leading the world in burning of fossil fuels.

  7. Hiya, it’s pretty warm (not hot) here in North England. I’m from southern China so I kinda get used to the heat. Spending summer in England is like autumn in my hometown to me, which is always good!

  8. what is caring for the environment ?

    because of many reasons taking breakfast people need to pack them in plastic bags (more environmental protective than using instant box) ,or in another way using food storage box ,every time you just need to wash it with water and detergent then you are not creating white pollution,but you are wasting water and create another kind of pullotion,is there a good way to solve it?

  9. In summer, you can see clearly the pollution level in Shanghai . Wonder anybody can tell the PSI reading.

    It must be unhealthly level. I visited Shanghai since 2007 almost 6 times and didnt notice the pollution level during the cold weather. Shanghai is polluted and something must be done about the pollution.

  10. @Michael, I have no idea about the PSI reading (Do you mean Pollution Standards Index?). It must be bad.

    I didn’t take pictures these days. I always wanted to find some clear days and take some great photo of the tall buildings around the Bund, but these days, it is too foggy to see any buildings from the Nan Pu Bridge.

  11. Hi Shuo Wang,

    You are right. It is the Pollution Standards Index. Very certain the reading is at unhealthy level.

    I just got back to my country. I was in Shanghai in early July and plan to stay for more than 60 days. Due to the pollution I cut back my stay and decided to leave Shangai for cleaner air. I was staying at New Harbour Service apartment – 28th storey looking at central Shangai. Trust me – the skyline was foggy and it is not clear everyday. If you wish I have pictures taken from my service apartment – the skyline of central Shangahi.

    Cheers and all the best to you.

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