Google Beijing Office Picutre

These photos were taken back in March 5, 2007, and I didn’t had a chance to post them. Recently I setup a photo album, and published some photos I took before. These are some photos I took near the Google Beijing office.

Google Beijing office near Tsinghua. The good thing about Google Beijing office:

  • It has mountain in the background – just like the name of its headquarter: MountView.
  • It has its own standalone building.
  • It is very near Tsinghua University.

You can see the maintains of Beijing in the far background of this picture.


  1. “You can see the maintains of Beijing in the far background of this picture.”, I guess should be “mountains”?

  2. Interesting!

    There is no mountain in Mountain View. Mountain View is the view from mountain.

  3. :-) I mean the Mountains in the whole bay area.

  4. @kukoo, yes. I meant mountains. Sorry for the typo (again).

  5. I work in Mountain View (not for Google, but for the City Government here) and yes you can see mountains from Mountain View. They are the small coastal mountains along the pacific ocean. I have been inside Google’s buildings, it is a great office. The one in these pics looks somewhat like the HQ, but not nearly as nice or fancy. Cool that they kept the same general theme though!

  6. awesome!!

  7. hi

    i have see your building online

    very nice your office

    i think google is very big of world

  8. With the Chinese economy growing at double-digit rates, many multinational companies have been expanding and opening up branch offices in Beijing.

  9. man!!! your english is bad… do some homework.

  10. Recently google has allowed us to change its background image. Very interesting!!!

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