New Phone – Dopod D600

I sold out my Nokia 6670 on Kijiji. The transaction was confirmed within one hour, and I gave the mobile to the guy (a mobile fan) at Haggen-Daas in Xujiahui, and he gave me 800 RMB. (I bought it at 1700 RMB, and I am very happy about the price) He is also happy. I heard he collect all kind of mobiles and now he has more than 100 models.

Then that night (I don’t have a mobile that afternoon), I bought Dopod D600. Maybe this is the fastest decision I made on electronic devices. I have made up my mind to get a Windows Mobile based phone after Nokia.

My first phone was a Motorola in university, then another Motorola in Microsoft, and then Dopod 535, then Alcatel OT315, then Nokia 6670. Finally, I got Dopod D600, my first touch screen phone.

The best place to get it is at third floor of Metro City, Xujiahui. The official price was 3950, and they asked for 3750. Finally I got it at 3700 RMB including a 1G SD card. It is too expensive for a phone – I don’t like to add too much fancy function to a simple phone and add attach too much $$$ to it, but I feel good this time since the old phone helped me to offset 800 RMB.

Here is the picture:

Dopod D600

Feature I Like Best

Automatic sync of Address book and email with my Exchange Server, so I am sure my address book is always up to date.

Feature I don’t Like Most

It takes two hand to dial a number.


Kijiji is becoming more and more useful. I am going to list about 2 0 to 50 items to Kijiji in the next few days. Up to now, all my listings led to transaction quickly (in hours) except one (I want someone to teach me architecture drawing).

Disclaimer: I am the head of Kijiji China site.

24 thoughts on “New Phone – Dopod D600

  1. Congratulations on your new phone, Jian Shuo. But, perhaps even more importantly — Happy Birthday, Goudaner!!!!


  2. if the phone number on the first picture is the real one, prepare to change your phone number :-)

  3. Hmmm, one more new member to your life, again on 15th March.

    That is your taste? Interesting.

  4. if the phone number on the first picture is the real one, prepare to change your phone number :-)

    Posted by: rangew on March 16, 2007 02:22 AM

    haha, funny, i was attempting to try the number~~

    How’s Kijiji yesterday? As you know, it’s 3.15 and there would pop up numerous GREAT customers!

  5. You should try Treo phone with Palm OS. It sync everything and you use one hand to dial, even when you are driving. (not that I recommend it)

  6. hey sounds like you both got a great deal that day :)

    i also in the market for another phone, or more importantly an all in one device… i need to be able to keep abreast of loads of medical information, ebooks and also be able to access interactive software on all things medical including medications, so i have to have some device that either supports palm or microsoft, as that whats most medical related companies/software runs on. i also ride a motorbike alot throughout China, and could do with something with GPS.

    my chinese is not so great so GPS would be welcome addition on my journeys, so an all in one is what i need. it’s a shame that i need something with plam or microsoft as i really like the reviews of the new nokia N95 just released, which is a feature rich device, but uses symbian. pity symbian is not supported by the majority of medical related companies.

    anyway i been looking at either HP iPAQ hw6965 or a dopod p800w, the latter of which i been hunting down on taobao. as usual though there happens to a be slightly different dopod model for the mainland. its a p800 that come with everything the p800w has except the Wi-Fi. when i have dealt with the taobao dealers they list their phones as p800w, but in fact the are the p800, then the haggle begins for the real p800w, at a much higher price…

    anyway i’m looking forward to getting something light, feature packed, with all the bells and whistles…

    anyone using a p800w? care to share your view?

    any other ideas on a good feature rich device?

  7. Tried 3 times in the past 5 hrs,

    First time, “the number you dial cannot be reached at the moment, please try again later.”

    and it showed “network busy” other twice?

    I want to make a complaint~~

  8. Feature I Like Best

    Automatic sync of Address book and email with my Exchange Server, so I am sure my address book is always up to date.

    Feature I don’t Like Most

    It takes two hand to dial a number.

    I think asus p525 is fit PDA/PHONE for you .

    you can visit for more detail.It have a keybord for dial or SMS.

  9. hey cool phone, i plan to change on soon but what bothers me is transferring my appointments and the address book. There seems to be an easy way with, tried it yesterday and so far i think the idea is brilliant. Online backup using phone’s gprs and no tech crap associated.

    anyways happy birthday though i am a little late ..

  10. This is your sixth cell phones. It seems that you change your cell phone every two years or so. Is that how often people in cities of China update their cell phones?

  11. Most people I know change their cell phone much more frequently than 2 years. Some are as quick as half years or two months. “Newer! Newer” is kind of fever in 3C product. People change mobile not because it is slow, or it is old, just because it has fall behind the trends.

    The reason I gave up my Nokia 6670 is, it could not display “who is calling” correctly. Windows Mobile does not has this problem so far.

  12. Can’t you call a number by voice activation ?

    Say “Jianshuo” and it dials your number !

    Even my old Nokia 6230 can do that…

  13. Why do I get a message like : “Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner.” ???

    First time.

  14. It may be because you have URL in your post, or posted too quickly. I have the anti-spam filter turned on. So if it detects and feel it like a spam, it will show you the warning. But don’w worry. i will check the pending comment from time to time to make sure to save the life of your comment.

  15. I am new to Shanghai and I’m looking for a good PDA phone that I can check email here and in the US and other countries. Can you suggest a good phone, data package and vendor for Shanghai?


  16. hi i have a dopod d600 mobile i have lost my password can you tell me a solution for these

  17. hi i have a dopod d600 mobile i need to format it can you tell me the producer for doing it

  18. i have a dopod d600 but its unfortunate am english and i dnt know how to change its settings to english.Please assist,thanks in advance

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