Is Beijing Ready?

Every time I am back from a U.S. Trip, I have to pause my blog for some days, even without an OOB (Out of Blogging) notice. Time difference is one reason (that I may miss one or two days during the flight), jet lag is another but most importantly, there is always too much stuff for me to catch up. This typically takes two days or three. So 3 days after arriving in Shanghai, I am almost back to normal life (except another travel to Beijing), and is ready to keep the blog running. (It is always a good idea to explain a little bit why I skipped some days in blogging when I am back, isn’t it?)

Is Beijing Ready for the Olympics?

6:00 PM, I got on board flight MU5121 from Shanghai to Beijing. I noticed that the seats of business class in front of the airplane was changed (I fly economy). It is very like those on ANA – with automatic controlled position adjustment system. I remember in Pudong Airport, there was an advertisement that Air China has upgraded its first class from Beijing/Shanghai to Chicago and Europe flights. It seems the airlines are getting ready to the Olympics.

Airport and from Airport to Hotel

Beijing’s Airport finally started construction. The square before the airport is a construction site now. I don’t know what they are building, but it seems to be a big project.

Along the Airport Express, I noticed on the right hand (west of the express), walls have been built. They are those walls to separate the construction site. Near the Ring 4 Road, I found out new poles of via-duct is under construction. It seems to me that a railway from downtown city to Beijing airport. I searched and confirmed that a city link will be built, just as the one used in Vancouver in Canada.

OK. OK. I saw some construction with my own eyes in Beijing, anyway. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying Beijing is not under construction. I mean, I was not able to go to the Olympics Park near the 5th Ring Road by myself, and I didn’t see the almost-completed stadiums and other facilities. I am always a quick passenger of Beijing, and it always means Airport and hotel for me. Finally, I see huge construction related with Olympics.

The taxi driver is still the same. He was in exteremely bad mood when I get on to his taxi and told him I am just going to the 3rd Ring Road. I hate to get on board a taxi when I am going to place near the airport, but do I have other choice? I always took airport bus before to save the life of a taxi driver, but today, there was no airport bus, and it was too cold. See the description of the situation in this entry:

To take a taxi in Beijing is often embarrassing, especially when the destination is just at the other end of the airport expressway. They waited for 4 hours and 55 RMB trip obviously cannot satisfy them. The difference between taxi drivers in Beijing and Shanghai is, in Beijing, taxi driver will explicitly complain about it on the whole way while in Shanghai, the taxi driver just keep silence…

OK. I am in Beijing, and ready to go to bed. I will meet with many journalist tomorrow morning, and “seem you tomorrow” if any of you are reading my blog.

6 thoughts on “Is Beijing Ready?

  1. tell the airport taxi manager that you want to go to “Wang Jing”, once inside the cab, tell the taxi driver where you really want to go. thus the driver can still go back to the airport for another shot. this is not fair to other drivers, but at least you can avoid some complaint on the road.

  2. I don’t like *grumpy* taxi cab drivers and would ask him to stop the cab and let me out if he complained too much.

    my limo driver Geno never complains and is always happy with the money he receives.

  3. ah huh,seems you are travelling around all the time.Take care!

    I went to beijing once a couple of years ago,and found the taxi drivers were amusing. they kept on talking all the time. however, just as you said, taxi drivers dun talk dat much.

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