Going Back to Shanghai

I am flying back to Shanghai. If I can choose, the next time I travel, I will never try to transit in Tokyo. The travel time is 50% more than direct flight from San Francisco to Shanghai:

10DEC 10:50 SFO -> 15:05 NRT (11 hours 15 minutes), NH007

11DEC 18:40 NRT -> 21:05 PVG (3 hours 25 minutes), NH921

Flying time: 14 hours 40 minutes

Transition time: 3 hours 35 minutes

Total travel time: 18 hours 15 minutes

Direct flight is only 12 hours.

San Francisco is Raining

It is raining! It is pouring. To drive on US-101 is like operating an aircraft in the sky. I could hardly see the surface of the road. The rain completely covered sky, and the water brought up by the wheels of cars formed a thick layer of white around the 30 cm surface of the road. Looking back from the rear mirror, and I could not see wheels of cars behind me. They all look like boat floating on a white surface. It was amazing!

I am so happy to attend Carroll’s party for the second time. Wonderful time for me. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Going Back to Shanghai

  1. It was our great pleasure to have you again, Jian Shuo. I think we must make a point of scheduling our annual party around your annual trips from now on :-)

  2. i just come here to find if you have some news to tell me

    and i find

    i don’t think i know some about Tokyo

    so may you should tell me why you don’t like it!

  3. Greetings Jian Shuo. I was looking for some information about Jiao Tong University and “stumbled” on your blog. Great stuffs, very informative! I was wondering when you are in Shanghai and have some free time, please contact me via email. I might need some more of your insights about Shanghai. Thanks!

  4. My flight next monday to Beijing will take…….. 22 hours. Unbelievable, right? First leg SFO->Portland, Oregan, stay for one hour, then second one Portland->Tokyo, stay for about 2 hours, then Tokyo->Beijing. Well, it is hard to a good deal in a short lead time and i am fine with the extra time (10 hours) i have to pay. Good time to do some quality reading. :)

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