OOB to Take a Pause

OOB (Out of Blogging) today, and maybe (maybe not) tomorrow. I am not feeling well these days, after caught in the rain last night, and my stomach does not feel good. I am going bed now, and hope to take a short (no longer than two days) in blogging.

P.S. Shanghai is really cold now, seriously.


  1. Jian Shuo

    sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well and wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. Take good care of yourself!

    health is more imoprtant than anything else.

  3. With all the traveling you do, it’s a miracle you don’t get ill more often. Feel better soon!!

  4. No problem, JS, take a good rest!

  5. Hi, JianShuo,

    my best regards, take rest and qickly recovery.

    : XiongShui

  6. Hi, Jianshuo,

    Take a good rest, fastly recover and return to fit status!

    Good wish!!!

  7. i can sure that i will fell bad if cannot see your blog

    and the same time , i wish you will be better tomorrow!

  8. i hope u can recovery soon

  9. Thanks everyone. It is not something serious. I am feeling much better today, and I will resume my blog today.

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