Back to Shanghai

I am back to Shanghai. Nice flight. I am not sure whether the trip was too intense for me or something else, I slept so well on the plane and was not aware of what happened during the trip. I wake up a little bit, wrote about 18 emails, and fell a sleep again. I managed to wake up about 14 minutes before departure, when the land of Shanghai is clearly in my sight again.

For the first time in my life, I had a seat on the second floor of Boeing 747. The seat number is 18H. It has a nice closet on the right hand that you can put all your package into. I enjoyed the seat so much.

Meanwhile, I suddenly missed the sofa outside the conference room of Chaminade – the light brown sofa facing the pacific, and with sun-shine directly pouring down. Combined with jet lag, and intense day, I could easily fell asleep on that sofa – I told Micki that it is my paradise. If there is one facility I miss most in Chaminade, it is the sofa.

Jet Lag

Getting back is much easier. Even a sleep cat as I waked up early in the morning. Managed to keep on bed until 6:00 AM, and I finally got up. 5:50 AM is a magic time for people in Shanghai. 5 minutes ago, it was completely dark, as dark as night, and now, lights came out (what an amazing thing), and I can recognize trees and flowers (there are still some) in my garden. So let me take some time to write some emails back to the friends (very close friends now) I met in the last week.

I will head to office in about one and half day. Wendy had a training program just beside the office building I work, AND they offer free parking. We decided to leave early today, to match up with the worse and worse traffic on Nanpu Bridge.

Nice to be Back

Although I enjoyed the trip so much, and enjoy meeting nice guys within and outside eBay in the Bay Area, it is still the best to be back to home, and sit near my garden.

9 thoughts on “Back to Shanghai

  1. East or west,home is best.

    Sitting in the garden,listening to the soft music,that’s a good way of modern life from noisy world.

  2. I’m traveling to Shanghai this Thursday (23rd) and then going on to Harbin. I use Nokia E61 and I want to be able access my emails while on the move. I will be in China for 12 days. Could you suggest which Mobile plan I should purchase for internet access and the settings for it ? Thanks a million. although I have travelled to China before I never used the Mobile plans before.

  3. Welcome back, Jianshuo!

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  4. Hi Jianshuo,

    Thank you for your very insightful blog. Read your advice and tried to book domestic airtickets in China from Ctrip.

    As a foreigner, how do I book since they do not accept foreign credit cards ?

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