Heading Back to Shanghai

I completed the amazing five days in Chaminade in Santa Cruz. What a journey it is! It takes some time for me to reflect and recap what I have experienced with the team, but there is no doubt that it was such a unique experience for me personally, and it placed big impact on me. Due to confidentiality requirement, I cannot explain more in details about what I did, but I will sumarize the learnings in the next few weeks on the blog. Now I am just too tired to keep my eyes open. When I feel really sleepy after 22:00, I know my jet lag completed go away. What a exciting news for! But the bad news is, I am flying back to Shanghai tomorrow. I will drive from Santa Cruz (nice place, but I didn’t have the time to visit downtown and the beach yet) to SFO. I will need to adjust the time zone again. These weeks will be tough since I am flying between Shanghai and San Francisco back and forth at interval of 10 days – the date for me to completely get rid of jet lag. :-) It is part of life, isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Heading Back to Shanghai

  1. I thought it might have been Chaminade when you described the hotel on the “mountain” in Santa Cruz. What a beautiful place to hold a retreat :-) I look forward to reading your reflections on the experience after you’ve had a chance to “process” everything. Good luck with the jet lag!!

  2. Better watch on the health? There are findings that jet lag, or distortion to ones body clock affects one’s lifespan.

  3. why can’t you do this(i mean write blog) every day?

    you know ,though this is my first time to leave you a message,i get there every day if i can.

    And i will do this in the follows,so do you work harder!!

  4. SantaCruz without going to the beach! what a shame, but at least you got to see one of my old stomping grounds back when I lived in California….Any photos?


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