Shanghai Metro Line #4

Shanghai Metro #4 has started operation for quite some time, but I still didn’t get a chance to use this line yet. Here is the information about this new Metro Line.

Overview of Metro Line #4

Metro Line #4 is the first circle line. It goes around the city outside the Elevated Highway Inner Ring, and is the only circle Metro Line in Shanghai.


Illustration of Metro Line #4

By Metro Line #4, people can transfer to many metro lines in Shanghai.

The Circle is not Closed Yet

The circle is not really completed. Due to the big accident of the tunnel across the Huangpu River near the Nanpu bridge, the south part of the circle is still under repair. Train can only goes from the upper circles back and forth. The grey colored line in the diagram shows the uncompleted part.


The ring currectly starts from the Damuqiao Rd Station (Big Wooden Bridge) and goes clockwise to Lancun Rd Station (Blue Village). From Hongqiao Road Station, the line #3 will merge into Line #3 to use the same rail (the west side of the circle). Line #4 will departs from Line #3 after Baoshan Rd station, and goes directly to Lancun Road Station in Pudong.

Here is the diagram.


Image in courtesy of Shanghai Metro. Click on image to view bigger map

I saw the Pudiang Road Station, Lancun Road Station, and the Damuqiao Road Station before. Very nice from outside. It is said train carts on Line #4 is even better than previously operately lines. I hope to take a ride sometimes and post some pictures.

Time Table


14 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro Line #4

  1. Shanghai is an ugly city and people are very mean. I don’t like it very much.

  2. Peace, please. We tend to cover what the world really is by removing information. ‘ilovemyschool’ point of view is his/her point of view. By removing or attack him/her does not change Shanghai, nor does it change his/her view. So be quiet. For me, this comment is not spam. I don’t allow people to do personal attack, but I encourage people to tell what they will think. ‘viery’, I hope you don’t do that again.

    I love Shanghai, and I think it is a beautiful city (with some urgly parts). Write about it, but don’t attempt to change anything, especially to change someone’s point of view by shoutting loud.

  3. I take the Metro Line4 to my office almost every working day. It is very convinent.But as you mentioned above the project is not finished yet, the waiting time between two trains is about 12minutes, it is too long. Hope it can finished as soon as possible.

    PS: I comed from hubei province and has worked at shanghai for 9years. I think every city and its citizen have its advantage and shortage.So please treat the other city peacefully and fairly.The world is various, and the difference make the world colorful.

  4. yes, everyone has the right to express their opinions. We should learn to ignore comments that are extremely biased. Usually the author just needs to vent or express their anger/disatisfaction. (especially the infamous Bellevue)

    When I was in Shanghai I became homesick for a few months but once I got over that phase I was fine. Now I’m back in the USA (supposedly the best country in the world – another biased view) But better in one terms? – maybe its just that we are richer due to the exchange rate, but everything is relative.

    Anyway I miss Shanghai. I miss being able to walk on the streets and take the subway (even at night) and still feel safe. You see, every place has its good and bad. America certainly has its problems as well.

  5. I have been in you blog for some time and this is the first time that I comment here! Jianshuo did do a good job on introduing Shanghai to the whole world! I love the article that you write!

  6. I have been Shanghai for several times,but actually I only take the subway once, and it is also the first time for me to take it. To Shanghai, I have a complicated feeling, although I don’t like it very much cuase it is too crowd and noisy, but on the other hand I really envy people living there cuase it maybe take several years to build a subway in our city.^_^

  7. Who can explain the reasons of a circle line which overlap an other line on 1/3 of his length ?

  8. Shanghai said to me that, looks like Paris to the Chinese, envies verymuch there lively with the fashion, hoped has the opportunity also tobe able again to go

  9. Agur… let me explain, I live in Pudong,once the #4 line is completed it will be easier to get to other parts of Puxi instead of using the #2 line. I can’t wait for it to be finished.


  10. Agur… in fact back in Chicago, many lines share the same route to get to the other parts of town.


  11. I m planning a trip to China this september. I stumbled onto this site while surfing on the net. It’s very informative and quite interesting to read all the comments of people. Shanghai seems less foreign to me now. Thank you very much for such a great site! Keep up the good job. ;-)

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