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I posted a mail to Wangjianshuo’s Blog Update subscribers (see the newsletter section at the bottom of this page, that is the mail list), to ask people who are not interested in continuing receiving update to unsubscribe from the list. As I said, I hate spams, and I hate to be treated as a spammer even more.

Hi all,

I am happy that you joined the Wangjianshuo’s Blog Update mail-list. It is daily update of my personal blog on Shanghai.

This morning, I got a complain email from a member, who thought this is spam. It happened before.

So I’d like to take the opportunity to ask everyone to consider whether you want to continue to receive this update or not.

If not, please just follow the instruction at the end of this message to unsubscribe from this mail-list. I am perfectly fine with that. I hate spams, and hate to be treated as a spammer even more.

Have a great day!


Jian Shuo Wang



On the newsletter function, I feel it is not that neccessary. Now we have RSS, and why people need to subscribe to a mail-list to get notified? Also, is one email per day too frequent? Obviously the answer is Yes. But anyway, there are people who may find it userful. Let me keep this feature on the site.

P.S. Tracking code added to the URL in newsletter

To get visibility of whether people are using the email letter, I tagged the URL in the newsletter, so I can see how many people clicked the URL, meaning they actually use it.

This is the change to /cgi-bin/mt/plugins/Notifier/tmpl/email/notification.tmpl file in Notifier MT-plugins.





<TMPL_VAR NAME=ENTRY_LINK>?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

10 thoughts on “Unsubscribe if You Don’t Like Newsletters

  1. Hi Jian Shuo.

    I viewed your blog for years and I never leave any comments before this. Just one question—How can I setup my own blog like yours( Just software and setup process). I would like to create my space for posting message between my firends and me. It should be highly appreciated if you can send me related guide line or suggestion.


    Spark Chiang

  2. keep it rolling… I guess I am addicted of reading your blog. If I don’t find read it feels like something missing :) HEHE…

  3. Spark, the short answer is, rent an space, and setup blogging software like MovableType.

    The longer answers are in my articles. I have 11 entries so far on MovableType, and 35 articles on the backstage of this site, and many other tips. Just keep exploring…

    Jian Shuo

  4. Jian Shuo,

    Finally I know where to find this newsletter of you, thanks to this blog item :D

    I have a few RSS readers, I also have an RSS feed of my own blog but somehow I don’t like RSS readers at all and hardly use them.. my mail program, on the other hand, is open 24/7 on my pc and I rather use this than an RSS reader.. so I’m glad that I can finally subscribe to your letter :D

    BTW, I think it’s a bit weird that people say that you are spamming them while they have subscribed to the newsletter themselves… I never received a newsletter, or any other mail, from you just by posting a comment… imho it’s their own fault if they don’t like it…

  5. Have not subscribed to the newsletter, but please let me express here how happy I am to have found this wonderful blogg, the softspokenness and friendlyness of Jian Shuo Wang gives me very much confidence to come to Shanghai, thank you.

  6. Exellent blog!!!

    This is by far the best blog I ever have seen, and I just stumbled across it. I am in Shanghai right now and had some things I needed to seach for about Shanghai. And this blog answered them all!!

    Keep up the good work!


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