Mission Impossible III

Just be back from Super Brand Mall. We went to see the movie Mission Impossible III. Long movie – 9:45 PM to 11:45 PM.


Image in courtesy of Mission Impossible III Official website

The jump from the Bank of China tower to the Insurance Building is the expected scene. We are just in the theater in the Pudong area that we can saw from the movie. Interesting. The scene in Shanghai are very strange for me. People don’t really dress like that showed on the moive. They called the area of Lujiazui “Hengshan Lu”. People burst into laughter when they said it.

11 thoughts on “Mission Impossible III

  1. :) It is fairly good movie but the reduced version in China is not that good to audience.

    People want to know what is truth, which can’t be covered anyway.

  2. nice film. The 2 hours passed by very quicky. The Chinese transcript on screened intentionally skipped some sensitive words. for example, the country names of Korea, etc.

  3. “The scene is good, but not the story.”

    I’m glad someone feels the same about that… When I watched it, I felt asleep halfway during the movie :S

  4. i dont like the film.

    bad story,rediculous scene.

    i prefer to renting a DVD to spending 50 on this kind of film in cinema

  5. thanks Jian Shuo. hmmm. all the reviews I read said it was a great action movie from start to finish. hmmm. Maybe Tom Cruise has lost his charm and the public is getting tired of seeing him on the screen.

  6. was the several scene take place in shanghai?? luv the movie..will mission imposible 4 release?

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