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  1. Hi,

    you no need to write every day, I think most of friends prefering to quality post.

    Please keep on update once you have time.

    Kind regards


  2. I think you do an excellent job with your blogs – they are interesting, informative and very welcome. Even if you did them once a week that would be welcome. We all do need to have a life ourselves.

  3. Great observations and comments on Lugu Lake. Can you pls tell me what are Dongba characters and what is the Mosuo culture? Ganxie.

  4. et voila… :-)

    today on SH daily Page 2 was an article again confiming the bad enviroment in CH, title is :China pays dearly for its food miracle”

    it mention the heavy use of pesticide and fertilizers on agricolture crops has helped to have incresd the pollution to sayign that 75% percent of Lakes and 50% of gprund water are polluted.. a different study says that 70% of tap water is polluted…

    China is facing a terrible enviroment and pollution challange.. beleive its a good topic to be blogged… since what we poollute today is what we drink and brief tomorrow..

  5. why not write your blogs for yourself? if you want to write blogs for others, I think you need a group of bloggers !

    do you think so?

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