Weather Forecast: Wet and Hot

This is Wang Jian Shuo’s weather station, broadcasting from Shanghai. :-)

Just kidding. I know many people will come to Shanghai recently. You can imagine how frequently I receive emails to tell me they are coming to Shanghai and with exact date. I wish I have a public calendar to mark my reader’s trip to Shanghai, so people can share information, and best of all, ask those who just returned about timely information, like weather or the status of Xiangyang Market. You may not always get the latest information on my site. Some information is 2 years or three years old. How I wish I could help to add updates to those entries. I simply cannot do it.

Back to the topic, I have the impression that July will be the month with more visitors than other month. This is only from my very limited survey pool. So let me tell you something important – the weather.

I am sorry, but I have to tell you, July is not good time to visit Shanghai, if it is not the worst time.

About one week ago, Shanghai officially entered the rainy season. By using “official”, I mean media reported that all metrics show the rainy season arrived. Shanghai will be humid and hot in the next month. The season is expected to end on July 9.

Recently, it is really hot, and hotter every day. It is 33 C today, 34 C tomorrow, and 35 C the day after tomorrow.

So here is my suggestion:

1. Don’t worry. Most places have air/con, and you won’t suffer too much. For example, it is very cold in my office, and I have to put on my jacket.

2. Don’t bring any heavy and warm clothes. No worry. Definitely not useful.

3. Prepare to buy umbrella. It may be a better idea to buy one locally. Anyway, you will need it.

If you have more question about weather, feel free to post. Have a great trip in Shanghai!

10 thoughts on “Weather Forecast: Wet and Hot

  1. various movie stars and VIP’s were in Shanghai on Saturday evening, June 17th for the Shanghai International Movie Festival. I saw one lady with a bald head wearing a dress and high heels visiting the new wax museum which opened up–Mrs Dusha’s (really Madame Tussaud’s in English). does anyone know who the bald headed lady was?

  2. JS, does the government still stipulate the air-con must be set at 26C and above?

    I was cooked last july when I visited Shanghai as many business used that stipulation for not turning on air-con.

  3. is the weather a very important thing to discuss when other things are seriously heating up such as 1} The North Koreans’ threat to launch a long range missile which can reach the West Coast of the US and 2} the Iranians’ dogged pursuit of developing nuclear weapons making capability and the acquisition of long range missiles to carry nuke warheads to Europe?

    maybe Europeans aren’t taking the matter as seriously as millions of Americans and Japanese.

  4. Not sure if China will broadcast too much on the situation with IRAN and North Korea in China CCTV? Maybe a few seconds mention it. Not like CNN 24 hours a day..

  5. “It is 33 C today, 34 C tomorrow, and 35 C the day after tomorrow. ”

    Like a ad promoting breast enlargement product:-). Just kiding.

  6. Here in China the weather is a chemical induced thing.

    That’s why it is predictable most of the time.

    Only problem for the weathermen is, that the world is changing and heating up, but with

    five thousand years of chinese culture, why take this into consideration when you make your weather report ? :-)

    Last year was nearly without rain in the “rainy season” here.

    To Tony and Bovemanm :

    Kim Yong Il and Iran’s president are both tiny guys, but both are good friends of China, and both have a very big mouth and a screwed vision of the world.

    The covering of the SCO-meeting last week in China left me astonished, as it nearly wasn’t mentioned at all in the western media. In China it was big headlines every day.

    Nearly a dozen of the most troublesome leaders in the world were here in Lujiazui, Pudong, including the presidents of Russia and Iran.

    CNN gave no important news of this big meeting.

    For a foreigner it had a clear (hidden) agenda for China, which I can’t write here.

    Hey, US guys, what did you do to your GPS-guided Tomahawk-missiles ?

    Why not send just one to Pyongyang and begin saving the lives of thousands

    of north koreans every year ?

    (It was quite efficient in Libya, remember…)

  7. Well, they ain’t firing the missiles because that ain’t gonna help improving the big deficit of the federal budget.

  8. hello, I am Leo, I am familiar a lot of Citys in China. For example, Haerbin,Dalian,Beijing,Tianjin,Shanghai(I worked here),Shenzhen,etc. I like sports, music and make friends from different civilization. So if you have any problem in China please let me Know. MSN:


  9. I am planning a trip to Shanghai in mid June 2007. Kindly let me know the teperature range for day and night…approximately. Also is it a good time to come to Shanghai? Thanks.

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