I did Ignore World Cup

I believe someone may feel that this blog is lack of something. I also feel so. It is unusual for a blog not to mention the World Cup in Germany, isn’t it?

I did ignore the existence of world cup. I love to play football. I am still excited about the scene of one hundred students running and kicking on the same playground when I was in middle school. We went to play football at 4:00 PM and got back to dorm at around 6:00 PM, when it was completely dark.

There were many students sharing the same playground. Some played from south to north, some from east to west. You can imagine what a chaos it was.

Till now, I still haven’t watched any game yet, and didn’t see replay of a goal. It is not intentionally. It is just my life.

Yesterday, I put all my sports equipment into a centralized cabinet, including running shoes, clothes, tennis/ping pong bats, yoga related stuff, and basketball… It is a good idea to exercise more often, I thought.

There was a saying: “People say sports are good for health. It is true, only before TV was invented”. When people gather before TV set, and have beers, it is no longer sports. It’s just a movie.

How embarrassing it is that China, as a country with so many people, didn’t enter this World Cup. It may be a reflection of lack of sports facility. For example, I cannot find anywhere to play football – for free in Shanghai. I don’t think kids will pay to play football.

P.S. Day of Failure

What a day. Wendy and I got tired back home, without archiving any thing. We joked “It is a bad day to do anything”. We got up early in the morning, wanted to go horse-riding, then gave up for not finding the location. We went to break fast at Yonghe, and they served meal so slowly, and provided hot drink. Wendy held the drink while I drove – too hot to drink. After 10 minutes, she was angry and throw it into garbage bin. There was no hope for the drink to cool down in anther 10 minutes. We went to bank only to find out the bank was closed. We had to get back home.

In the afternoon, we kept trying. We went to a new place to try the yoga class with free coupon. There are too many cars there. When we found the parking lot and appeared at the gate, 1 minute past the starting time, and were refused.

I asked Wendy: “Where are we going now?” Wendy said: “Home”. I said: “Go home, the second time, in the same day?” :-)

What a wonderful day we had!

16 thoughts on “I did Ignore World Cup

  1. No matter how much you hate Japan, you can’t beat even team japan! Not even with all your scandals.

  2. China has entered the world cup final in 2002, but failed to go any further in the next round without a single victory or goal.

  3. What a miserable disappointment…the French Roosters led the entire game and then allowed the Korean Noodles to tie it near the end. I call it a ‘Chicken & Noodles’ soccer game-they’re inseparable.

    Korea Republic fought back to earn a 1-1 draw with France as Park Ji-Sung cancelled out Thierry Henry’s first-half opener in Leipzig…


  4. More bitter news for the French Roosters…key Rooster players, Abidal and Zidane, have been declared ineligible to play in the final group game against Togo.

    That bad call in the game which denied France another goal cost them the ballgame. The Roosters were cheated and they should file a formal protest.

    All I can say is ‘World Cup’ soccer sucks without a mechanism to challenge bad calls and video replays.


    18 June 2006

    by FIFAworldcup.com

    Korea Republic fought back to earn a 1-1 draw with France as Park Ji-Sung cancelled out Thierry Henry’s first-half opener in Leipzig on Sunday, 18 June 2006.

    The point salvaged here put the Koreans top of Group G, at least until the end of Monday’s match between Togo and Switzerland. The evening began promisingly for Les Bleus when Thierry Henry scored their first FIFA World Cup™ goal since the 1998 Final with nine minutes on the clock.

    However, Korea Republic drew level when Park bundled the ball over the line in the 81st minute. To compound France’s disappointment, Eric Abidal and Zinedine Zidane both collected bookings which rule them out of their final group game against Togo.

    More to follow

  5. To tell the truth, you speak really bad English. Why don’t you first learn to correct the grammar mistakes then write your little blog?

  6. Well, I do a whole bunch of teaching in Shanghai and I think your English is just fine, and certainly of a higher standard than most. Regarding the first comment about Japan, I find it rather shameful how many locals expressed glee when Japan lost their first match. So sad, so ignorant.

  7. ChinaBounder: China is at its best doing just that. Speaking English or not, they won’t change a bit. Sad, but true.

  8. World Soccer competition sucks with bad Ref calls.

    I was particularly annoyed by the Ref’s call disallowing the second goal scored by France yesterday in its game against South Korea. The video replay clearly showed the ball crossed the line of the goal before the Korean goalkeeper knocked it back out. France ended up in a 1-1 tie but should have won because of that bad call in the 1st half. Goals are very difficult to score in soccer and Ref error has to be minimized. One effective way to accomplish this would be to adopt a ‘Challenge’ rule mechanism like they have in NFL football over in the United States. Under the Challenge mechanism, a Coach can throw down a red flag to challenge a call made on the field and the Ref then has to undertake a video review of the play. If there is clear and convincing evidence the call was improper, then it will be reversed. If not, then the call stands and the team which made the Challenge is charged with the lost of a timeout.

  9. I don’t think China’s culture is suitable for soccer.

    In fact, China’s culture is older than soccer and has much more to offer than that.

    Take martial arts, for instance. Not to mention that China’s catching up with ski biathlon right now ;)

  10. patrick:

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