Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park

I was in Zhangjiang yesterday. Here are some pictures of the Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park.

Location: It is east of Maglev Longyang Road Station. It means it is closer to the Pudong airport (a little bit) than the Maglev terminal station.

Why it is different?

It is the Shanghai’s high-tech zone, with a lot of chip design, manufacturing, bio-tech, and software companies. It is the terminal station of Metro No.2.

What is one the picture?

It is taken from Zhang Jiang Mansion, the tallest building in the park to south, and to north.

What is the lower building in the last picture?

It is villa.

15 thoughts on “Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park

  1. js, at the first picture, it appears people parking on the left side of the road despite it is a two ways street. It looks funny to me.

  2. hello jian shuo! was searching for some info on West Nanjing Road and came into your blog. But, did not find any Email address to contact you. The only way to reach you was through a comment – hence leaving one.

    i am an MBA student from singapore. how may i ask you questions? :-)


  3. balu, the best way is to post comment.

    Stephen, and richard, yes, it is wired. In Pudong, it is very like west U.S. that there is almost no cars on the road. If they park there for the whole afternoon, it won’t cause problem. Also, there is another pass way before the gate of the building, so…

  4. i am wondering any permission to enter the office buildings or the high tech zone? And ideas?

  5. The way is one-way road.

    Acturelly,it’s just the road in front of the building. Almost every such road in shanghai is one-way road. So it’s not wired.

  6. those pictures show the whole of Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park? or the center buildings ?

    I hope have a chance to go there, perhaps at first go to shanghai to see jian shuo…

  7. This is my first time to look at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park from So high buildings. So nice.

  8. You can enter the building without getting a permission. Just step into the building – the Zhang Jiang Masion, and walk in with confidence (“donot look at the guard”)

    You won’t miss the building after you get out of Metro Station. It is the tallest.

  9. joseph, one way street with two way markings? no wonder it is confusing for anyone who attempt to drive in Shanghai street.

  10. It is fantastic to know that Zhangjiang is like this nowadays. There appears to be great changes during two years only, since I left there.

    I am wondering if the author is working in Zhangjiang High-Tech park now?

  11. What status is construction of Novartis’ research and development center in Zhangjiang Hi Tech Park?

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