PVG: From Pudong Airport to Changshu

Here is the letter:

Dear Mr Wang,

Hi, I am name removed from Singapore. I am deeply impressed how resourceful and helpful your blog/website are.

Kindly allow me to consult you regarding one matter. I will be visiting Changshu next month & will carry with me a big luggage bag. I understand there are 3 ways to travel from PVG to Changshu:

(1) From PVG, take direct bus to Suzhou. From Suzhou, take a taxi to hotel in Changshu. Total travel time: ab. 160 min. Total cost: ab. RMB 175.

(2) From PVG, take taxi to Shanghai shuttle bus station, then take a bus to Changshu shuttle bus station, then take taxi to hotel. Total travel time: ab. 190 min. Total cost: ab. RMB142.

(3) From PVG, take bus to SHG (Hong Qiao Int’l Airport). At SHG, take bus to Changshu, then take taxi to hotel. Total travel time: ab. 190 min? Cost: ab. RMB 97?

Pls advise which is the best route (1), (2) or (3) for me to take considering the fact that I am carrying a big luggage with me.

Ease and convenience are more important than costs factors.

Kindly advise the details (where to buy bus ticket, where to take the bus/taxi etc) of the recommended route.

Thanking you in anticipation.

I will answer the question after dinner. :-D

2 hours passed

I am back from dinner and have the energy to help on this question.

Disclaimer: I didn’t personally try this route, the information I provided is based on the information I got from Internet or from my observation. It may contain mistakes.

I would recommend option 1), if cost is not a priority. Reasons:

To reduce the burden of carrying big luggage with you, I suggest you to get to a Suzhou as soon as possible, instead of hanging around in the city of Shanghai. The long-distance bus is just outside the international arrival hall. You can use the small cart to move your luggage to the station (I am not sure if you need to lift it for some stairs, or you can get there from the level 2 of the airport.

At Suzhou, many taxis should line up and I believe the person who pick you is lucky, since the 38 km distance is a good business for them. He can help you to get the luggage to taxi and out at the hotel in Changshu.

Option 2 is a little bit troublesome, since the PVG to the nearest shuttle station may be as far as Changshu to Suzhou, no to mention the burdern to get off taxi, onto bus, and off bus and on to taxi again… Also, it may not easy for you to find out bus station – bus station is not as easy to find in Shanghai as airport or train stations (as in any city)

Option 3 is the worst. Considering the time you spend in Shanghai – from one airport to the other airport, that takes about one hour. This distance is far longer than the Changshu-Suzhou distance. It won’t save you money or time.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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  1. 我经常看到老外带很多的行李,找到taxi很不容易.





  2. I am local Changshu people, the option 1 is the best way to Changshu from PVG.

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