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Hi all, welcome to Wangjianshuo’s blog. I am Wang Jian Shuo. I live in Shanghai. I want to be visitor’s personal guide to this amazing city.

I try to help people to live better in Shanghai. You can get information about finding a job, making phone calls, getting Internet Access, using credit card , taking taxis. I will show you places to eat, to see, to shop, or to buy :-).

For visitors, I write about Pudong Airport, how to transit to other places, via Maglev, metro, buses, or train.

I introduced some hotels to stay, featuring some cheap and good hotels.

I have an online Shanghai Map, and accumulated three year of first hand observation of the weather in this city.

I love the city of Shanghai. I took photos to record its changes, and am worry about problems like traffic, or polution

I travelled to many places. I like to visit beautiful places (like Daocheng, Lijiang, Sanya, Xiamen), and frequently visit cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hongkong. At weekends, I often go to places near Shanghai. In particular, Hangzhou, Chongming, Taihu, Yangshan, Shengsi.

Going abroad, I visited Seattle, and San Francisco for many times, and went to New York and other east coast cities for once. On the way there, I ever stayed in Japan for 5 hours. I hope to complete a Visit U.S. Handbook. The only thing I don’t like for travel by air is, jetlag.

A little bit about myself.

I was born in Luoyang, and went to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Then I worked in Microsoft for almost 6 years, then joined Kijiji in March, 2005.

I like sports, such as running, and cycling. I am dreaming of having a boat.

Two years ago, I learnt to drive, and bought a car. (I call it Goudaner). Then I moved from Puxi to a apartment with garden in Pudong. Some cats lives in it.

This blog was started more than three years ago. I chose to use English to benefit international visitors. It is now reported by many media. I use MovableType as blogging tool, and shared the tips and the back stage to build this website. I was forced to change my hosting company many times though.

Recently, I reviewed companies in emerging technology field, attended many conferences, and start to study the culture of both China and western countries, and see the conflicts when the west meets the east.

In my life, I also do crazy things. I joined the confluence project to visit integer cross point of latitude and longitude, and host meetup everywhere. I even visited all Starbucks by walk, and set up an personal photography exhibition in April, 2004.

I enjoy books, movies, and trying to understand art and improve my productivity. I think deep about what life means, how happiness works, and how I can help others. I am proudly a consultant for Smiling Library.

I am so happy to have Wendy as my wife, to have lots of smart friends, and thousands of readers. You can see my collection of funny toys. At this blog, I also celebrate all holidays, and special days with good wishes. For me, every single day is a holiday.

Thank you for staying with me.

30 thoughts on “Welcome to Wangjianshuo’s Blog

  1. Hello Jian

    A very useful site! Thank you! Me and a friend are planning to visit Tibet this year. I understand that the best way is to use one of the travel agencies in Chengdu. But how does one know who is reliable and who is a rip-off operater! Any links you know of that i can use?

    Keep up your great work,



  2. Ronnie, unfortunately, I have no ideas about it at all. I can only help on something I have personal experience, and obviously, I didn’t try out everything in China yet.

  3. I just stumbled upon this amazing work of art/info (your site..) an hour or two ago and I must say that I am very impressed.

    This is a very informative place, especially for me since I just moved to Shanghai last week. I will be going to ECNU to study mandarin for 3 – 4 months this September (I will be turning 19 as well this September!).

    So far I have found alot of helpful information about Shanghai, the lifestyle, getting around.. etc. I just received a Public transportation card before I found this site and found your article on it very helpful!

    I am living with a chinese family.. I do not speak any Mandarin yet.. But the lady here speaks a bit of English :) which is good for me.

    I plan on visiting this site as much as possible to help me with my new life in Shang Hai.

    Take care and keep up the amazing work! I really appreciate it.. I’ve only looked at a few articles for this month! Who knows what load of info you have for all the previous months :)



  4. Welcome to Shanghai, Shaun, and hope you have a great time during your 4 months’ stay. Let me know if you need any information, so I can add it to my blog and help more people to this site.

  5. Hello again,

    First I would like to acknowledge your warm welcome,

    second.. how do I ask a question.. is there any special place where I ask, or do I send you an email or what?

    Any way, I’ll post my question here considering you can edit posts and what not (the above is a question in it self :P ^_^)

    I just got a bycicle, a standard $500 rmb one.. today I rid to work and back! The thing is I don’t know the laws with the bycicle or in shanghai.. Every body just seems to do what ever.. ie., some people (well alot..) go through red lights, some people go through any light.. most people ride on what looks to be the wrong side of the road (with cars comming towards them, etc.) as a foreigner.. what do I do?

    Every body just seems to ride any where on the road! I find this quite frightening coming from New Zealand.

    A side note: One thing I dont get is the lights.. if it says you can walk.. why do cars still drive thru? I heard about some thing to do with “right way” or some thing but am not too sure..

    I think you should write a cycling guide for tourists in shanghai.. Do I need to get a bike lisence? What places can I park my bike at.. etc. Do I have to pay for parking? Should I lock my bike up? Should I get lights? Bells to honk at people in the way? Do you need a helmet? What happens if I get a flat tire and get stranded some where? Do I have to ride in designated areas? If so.. where are these areas? Can I ride on the walkways.. is it allowed? What are some ways to be fined from the police? etc.

    This would help alot of expats/foreigners who consider using a bike to get around shanghai or china in general.. As I don’t think there is an extension guide for this.. just little pieces of info.

  6. Hi wANG,

    I liked your way man!..your website is very usefull..I will flight at 19 of september 2006 to Shaghai. so I was looking for websites about Shanghai.And I found your website is very usefull than others..I appricated your ideas..thanks


  7. hi there! i’ve spent the last hour surfing you blog and i must say it is indeed very helpful.

    me and my wife will be coming to shanghai by the end of october. i was wondering if you can help me out with my shopping…hehehe!

    since you’re in the IT business, you are definitely the best person to ask. i plan on getting myself a laptop. what stores would you suggest i visit so i can get good prices? the laptop i have in mind is a small one. a widescreen chassis maybe 13″ or smaller. pentium 4 duo core with at least 512ram sounds nice. i like playing video games so a dedicated video card is a must. i dont like a Mac though. a vaio, HP, dell, acer or asus would do. or is there some other brand you would recommend?

    thanks in advance!

  8. Dan, who exactly do you think you are.. lol. Btw, Wang.. I didn’t get any response to my last post above…….. I know you’re a busy guy, but you should answer my post if you going to answer some one elses post that is unrelated to helping people in shanghai..

  9. Shaun, sorry that I didn’t notice your question. I do check comments from time to time, by looking at the most recent comment section of my blog. However, sometimes I just miss one or two important comment, like yours. Also, I am not able to answer all the comments, but I agree with you that your question is a good one. I will write about it tonight. Please check out.

  10. hello my friend!

    I am writting you from guatemala, city.. (in America) I just writting you because I love the song Chivas’ Mermaid by Sarah Khider.. I think the same you do! I love this commercial because of the song, the Chivas’ commercial became my best TV commercial to!

    I want to know that if you could send me the song, because I don’t find in any place! I will appreciate if you could that for me! Ok!!!

    take care ad I hope that you read this and send me the song!


    Lila Villanueva


  11. Greetings from London, Hong Kong and Dubai because I was born in Hong Kong and have been living and working in London, Shanghai and Dubai. Please tell me more about Hui Zhou? Perhaps, we could meet up when I am next in Shanghai.



  12. I would like to know how’s the weather in Suzhou, Wuxi & Shanghai end of Nov – early Dec ?

    What type of clothing are suitable for child & senior citizen?

  13. Hi!

    I am a portuguese man visiting Shanghai next month.

    Can you tell me (email)about a cheap and reliable travel agency to book and buy domestic plane tickets?



  14. Many thaks for your very useful page.

    My name is Javier, from Spain, and i will visit Shanghai next 19th Nov to BAUMA CHINA, An international Trade Fair for construction Machinary.

    My request is about the best transportation from Pudong Airport to Holiday Inn Pudong in Dong Fang Road.

    Thanks again


  15. Your website is very useful……..my wife from FUAN FUJIAN.I always go to fuan. I am malaysian ( chinese).My dad from fujian long yan

  16. Would you lile to have a contact to write with in the Netherlands, in Europe.

    Please let me know.


  17. Hi

    I’m doing research on the MagLev.

    I guess I have basically one question:

    Do you see it as being a major transportation method in the future?

  18. Hello! I am Amy Gao, a simple Shanghai Girl. You know,we are schoolfellows. Majored in Biomedical Engineering, I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2004. Quite younger than you, right?

    I also met series of people doing BtoC or BtoB E-business. If you would like to share the pioneering stories. Pls let me know.

  19. Jian Shuo Wang is it a good idea just to visit Hangzhou for a few hours ? whilst staying in a hotel in Shanghai it takes 3 hrs there and back right ?

    be nice to see another part


  20. Hello! My name is Liz and I live in Toronto. We (4 pax) will be visiting Shanghai on Mar.31st. for 3 nights. I was told that Motel 168 is a good place to stay. I am looking for the phone # for this motel that is located in Nanjing road. Could you pls. help me? I do appreciate the tips you supplied to your fellow readers. It does help a lot. Any help will greatly be appreciated.



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