Rain Breaks Plan

Originally, I wanted to go to Shengsi, the island near Shanghai for a meeting, but the recent storm broke my plan completely. I miss the sunshine yesterday, and today, it is another world – rainy, and windy. Everyone has an umbrella in hand. People told me, recently, Shanghai looks like London.

At the elevator of Raffles City, I met two interesting people. I was told they are the top power sellers on eBay in the world. That means, they sell more than anyone on eBay. I was surprised they were LA based Chinese, and they speak very good mandarin (I don’t want to reveal the name before getting permission though).

Getting downstairs, I routinely bought two Beard Papa bread with me. One for myself, which I ate within 1 minute, and the other is for Wendy. I didn’t know the brand Beard Papa before, until RC recommended to me, and said it is popular in Japan. It tastes very good, with cream inside the bread.

The most amazing news today is the release of Google’s Chinese name. It is “谷歌”, meaning the “Song in the valley”. It is so hard to attach this name with Google. Give me some time to get used to it. Anyway, it sounds so funny to me.

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  1. Hi Jianshuo,

    I ever lived in Shanghai. Thanks to your wonderful blog, I can still ‘read’ Shanghai while living in the United States. Now I need data about population, income etc. of cities in China, but failed to find the right website. Could you give me any advice on it? Thank you so much.


  2. At my first look at 谷歌, this name prints a impression in my mind just like this : The song of Grain .

    Also,this name remind me a picture drew by 陈丹青 named as “泪水洒满丰收田” . So strange ,en?

  3. Last year, I met a friend from USA-also an ABC. She said eBay was so popular in America, they sold everything they could sell and bought anything they liked on eBay. So i am not surprised to get to know the top power sellers are ABC.

    The Chinese name of Google sounds ok, but it could be misunderstood as”李谷一的歌”,”布谷在唱歌”or sth like that.

  4. Just an advice, if you are banned from something on the chinese version of Google, then simply try the american at http://www.google.com :-)

    The search will possibly find it, but maybe you can’t open the items anyway because of your provider’s ban.

    I went to Shanghai Botanical garden at Longwu Lu on tuesday, 25 degrees, wonderful !

    I can recommend it just now, all the flowers and trees are blooming ! (40RMB incl. all)

    Then yesterday = 8 degrees, rain and gusty winds. Just like the weather in western Europe in April. May will be more stabile.

    Hopefully this weekend will bring better conditions.

  5. There are so many people who are interested in “How to give a sound explaination about the 谷歌”

    I find that “李谷一的歌” is full of imagination.I like this one.

    I have another one:李谷一站在山谷里的一块谷田上和布谷鸟对唱谷歌


  6. Hello Jian Shuo.

    I was firstly trying to find some kind of Microsoft address in Shanghai (without any result up to now ;-) ) and I found your website, so very well done Jian.

    I don’t want to take too much of your time, but to be short, I’m living in Shanghai for few months already. French it is my first trip in Asia and I really enjoy being there.

    When I came first, I knew it was the place to wake up a 3 years hold project. After some study and research I am going to apply for a patent very soon in China, but I still working on it.

    The subject: An SMS service, to allow any people to get information from any chosen place, and without any risk to be SPAM. Of course I simplified a lots the thing :-).

    Let’s dream sometime ;-). So if never the idea is good and new (I am working with a patent agency), next step will be to find companies to introduce my project. Waiting for the filing date, I don’t have any contacts already. My hope to introduce such project to companies like Microsoft, Google, and so on.

    To say the true (back to the beginning), I have some difficulties to find contacts and address of Microsoft Corp. , Google… in Shanghai. (And my poor Chinese, means no Chinese at all don’t help me for that)

    If I can have some small advises you will be an angel.

    Anyway, I whish you all the best… :-)


  7. Didier, Microsoft’s address in Shanghai is 19F, Metro Tower, 30 Tianyaoqiao Road, Shanghai. It is at the Exit 10 of the Metro line #1. Google used to have an office, but I believe now the major functions are in Beijing.

    Good luck!

  8. Tank you very very much Jian, it is very nice :-) and had a good week-end.


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