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We didn’t expect the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Nanjing is such a big event. It started as a small event (my perception) months ago, when I agreed to participate in the meeting as a speaker. Later, Jack Mao (head of Alibaba, and Yahoo! China), and Johnny Zhou (Head of Google, China) joined as speakers. I didn’t expect it to be a big one. The event is coming this Friday.

As every industry meeting, the fun part is always outside the meeting. So we organized the Mashup Camp China. The original plan is a 7 people BBQ in Mao’s place, but when more and more people rushing to Nanjing, we finally extended to be a “very big” event – 20. :-) It is already big compared to the 7 people event.

Here is Mao‘s page on mashup.

Here is Isaac’s.

Attendant list:

Robert Mao, blogger, Founder/CEO of UUZone

Isaac Mao, blogger, VP of UCI

Jian Shuo Wang, blogger, Head of Kijiji China

Jack Gu, blogger, Founder of

Xiaofeng, Jin

Zheng, blogger





6e (luliang), blogger, CTO of

Owen, blogger

The name was inspired by Mashup Camp, which we closely monitored in the Idea Factory China alias.


Met Lucifer Chu (Zhu Xueheng), the founder of OOPS (Opensource Opencourseware Prototype System). He donated his time, and money to translate all opensource opencourseware, like the MIT’s open courseware project, into Chinese. The project is a nice one. Lucifer has a personal award for sci-fi type of novelist. This idea inspired me a lot that you can help to promote something by setting up an award. :-)

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  1. Wow, great! Yahoo! China want to have a bite on search engine market, no wonder Jack Ma want to speak at the fornum. Two hopes for on-line profit in the future, one blog and one SE, Ma has stood on one.

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