Back from Snowing Hangzhou

Back from Hangzhou

The express way from Hangzhou to Shanghai was quite empty today. There was not much traffic – I believe it is not the rush hours yet. 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm is not the typical time Shanghai cars get back from Hangzhou. The big bus was confortable. My personal preference is always to take bus over train. I feel to have more personal space on the trip instead of a large cart on train. Most of my friends like to take train, since it is safer, and more on time.

It snowed heavily when we left. I worried that the expressway may be closed soon if the snow continues for 1 hour. We were lucky that very soon, we left the snowing area. It didn’t snow in Shanghai section of the road, while the snow continues in Hangzhou for quite some time.

One observation: the expressway have been extended from 2 lanes before to 4 lanes. At a service area, I saw a notice to drivers:

Do not use the left most lane in a four lane express-way too long – you will be fined for 100 USD if caught by policement.


Hangzhou is so nice, but the traffic in Hangzhou is really a mass at weekends. So complained by many people in Hangzhou. It may be because many people rush to Hangzhou to Shanghai. :-)

Hangzhou looked so beautiful this time to me. The west lake, and the mountains, look great whenever it is rainy or sunny, or snow, like today.

2,880 RMB Round-Trip to U.S.

Got an email from Northwest Airlines. The latest promotion from Northwest is surprising. They offer 2880 RMB (about 350 USD) for round trip flight from Shanghai to San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland. The criteria is to book before April 24, leave before April 27, and get back before June 11. Sounds attractive.

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  2. Hangzhou is beautiful city.

    I watch F1 race on TV last sunday.

    Alonso wins at Sakhir at Bahrain.kimi moved up from 22nd to third 57-laps later.

    kimi is good.


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  4. JS, It is announced that Disneyland will be built at Pudong and it is 3.7 time bigger than her Hong Kong counterpart, project will be completed by 2010 in line with Expo. Can you tell us more of this project which is so close where you live!

  5. Hi Jian Shuo Wang,

    Do you happen to know of any good deals to US or HongKong or Japan from Shanghai, very similar to the one you have mentioned above please.


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