4 thoughts on “Productivity Tips – Small Things in Strategic Way

  1. My method of handling e-mail is:

    — use the Outlook Express e-mail client with POP

    — leave it all in the in-box. Don’t file or delete anything (Occasionally I copy something to a special folder) (If the Inbox becomes larger than 2Gbytes, NTFS cannot handle it, so occasionally I archive my in-box)

    — turn off the feature that makes the e-mail “read” (not in bold type) automatically.

    — when I have looked at e-mails, change them manually to “read” state.

    — if I need to reply, reply immediately, or “flag” the e-mail.

    — flag e-mails that need attention in the near future or that I might want to refer to again in the near future.

    — forward all e-mails automatically to a gmail account, because it has very rapid search features. This allows me to find any e-mail quickly without filing it.

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