A Blog is All About a Person

What happened to this blog? Why it is shifting away from its propose – a blog about “Events (in Shanghai) that affect my life (and others’)”? Why there is an entry as short as this one: Productivity Tips – Small Things in Strategic Way? It has nothing to do with Shanghai.

I believe this may be the question in many people’s mind. Let me explain why.

A Blog is All About a Person

I believe a blog is all about a person. It evolves as the person grows up (or old).

The focus of one person many shift along with the time and the responsibility he/she holds.

This year presents much more challenges to me that require me to be more productive than any year I have before. I have to lay out aggressive learning plans to catch up. I am happy that the responsibilities I have and the opportunities I need to catch up are much more than many people at my age. In short, the focus in my personal life shifted a lot.

Tools Shifted with the Owner

Blog is a powerful tool, as you may discover. I decided to use the tool more often to help me organize my knowledge, my activities, and my life. The decision is that I won’t shy away from putting something useful for me on to my PERSONAL blog although it is not about the topic I set at the very beginning.

The focus of the previous three years was on life in Shanghai. In the future, it will not change a lot. The only noticeable change will be, it is more focused on business in Shanghai.

Learning from a Person or from an Expert

Despite of many people’s expectation, I am not an expert in daily life in Shanghai. I am not the right person to tell people where to go out for dinner or buy good stuff (maybe Wendy is). What I did was just to share the little knowledge I know about the city, and it happened to be helpful to others. Just because I was not the expert, many practices are more useful since most of people have the taste of a non-expert. :-)

It is the same when I talk more about personal development, productivity, and business. To observe what one single normal person does in his/her one day may help you to get more information than a comprehensive statistic report from a professional research organization. That is why I think it is still of great value to share at this blog.

When I start to judge whether I should put it into my blog or just keep it as a Word document in my hard disk, I told myself: 1) Don’t treat the blog too seriously. You don’t have to take the responsibility of an editor of a portal or a national wide newspaper. 2) In case it happens to be useful to someone…

P.S. On Productivity

Personally, I found those two articles helped me a lot. I cleaned my mail box within 15 minutes, and give everyone the response they needed. Then I spent time to setup my Email Reference System. It was proven to be very helpful to me. The links happened to come from Microsoft website. I got email challenging me to promote MS product on a personal blog. Well. I proudly put the disclaimer that I was am EXMSFT, maybe the tips only helps those former Microsoft employees? Maybe.. ha-ha.

Update: Febuary 18, 2006

In the morning, I used 30 minutes to process all the back log in my company email folder and my hotmail folder. For the first time in my entire life with Hotmail (since 1996), my inbox of hotmail is empty. Small tips work wonderful for me. Now almost all the inbox in my email account (except Gmail one) is empty now. Good.

P.S. 2. Shanghai Snows

It snowed heavily from 10:00 to 12:30 in the morning. No wonder why recently Shanghai is so cold. It is preparing for the snow. I love snowing, but there is no way for Shanghai to have the snowy scene in Beijing or even in north China like Luoyang.

It is good. Good! Good!

9 thoughts on “A Blog is All About a Person

  1. Actually, nobody expects the snow this time, it just fell out of the blue. And it snowed even more heavy last night. Hope you enjoy the huge Beijing-kind scene when you get up today:>

  2. Good to see that your blog is evolving !

    A funny story from feb 18 :

    I was in a plane at PVG airport, heading for Dalian, Liaoning.

    All airplanes more than 2 hours delayed because of the snow (4 mm !!).

    The de-icing of the planes was simply a disaster.

    A firefighter truck was manned with 8 guys, and a manager was following them in a Chevrolet Blazer to guide them. It took 25 minutes to de-ice our plane.

    I found out that this was the reason of the general delay.

    I guess that PVG can learn a lot from the northern airports of China…

    One of the stewardess’ had never seen a de-icing before, she was extremely curious about it, looking out of the cabin windows all the time.

    I called her, and suggested kindly that the crew should close the wide open front cabin door, as I know the de-icing liquid do not have a very good fragrance…

    When the guys were finished, it stopped snowing !

    Anyway, the de-icing was a waste of time, the snow was almost melted, and would have blewn away, as the plane was accellerating on the runway.

    By the way, I was counting, 18 seconds IS quite fast for a take-off, huh ?!

    (0-280 km/h in 18 sec’s.) Not many sports-bikes can do that !

    I brought a GPS with me on the flight. (Technical stuff coming up now :)

    Fun to see that the plane actually goes up and down slowly to follow the air pressure isobars. The autopilot do not keep the same altitude as you see on the flight monitoring system, the plane just follows the air pressure changes. Means that the altitude shown to you is coupled to the altimeter in the cockpit, not a GPS.

    Any comments ?

  3. The altimeter ports under the cockpit are vulnerable to water etc, if the de-icing crew spreaded fluid at the under side of the fuselage without covering and it may tampered one of two altimeters on board. If both altimeters shown conflicting readings, then situation as your description appears.

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  5. Agree with your “A Blog is All About a Person” idea. Though it evolves as the person grows up (or old), yet now a blog is also adsense(or similar programs like chitika)–driven, as many people are money-savvy.

  6. w.y., thanks for your comment. You are right, that many people are money driven, just like blogs are adsense driven. I do admit that I was sometimes AdSense drive (not everyday – several days per month), and I am swinging back and forth. My final conclusion is, keep away from AdSense (at least don’t think about), and keep the faith. Nothing is more valuable than the record of personal history.

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