Found a Piece of Old Video

At night, chatted about my previous years, and I was amazed by how far I have gone through during the last few years. There are many moving moment when I lost my way, when I got excited, and when I fall into the lowest side of my life. It is an interesting story.

Getting back to office, I found a piece of video I recorded before – 5 years ago. I believe at that time, I was working for eCommerce team in Microsoft.

Download file (60K in size)

Also found out a picture taken on May 20, 2002. How fast the time passes! It is already 3.5 years. This was in the middle a product.


Jian Shuo Wang at Asia Community

And this:


At product RTM (Release To Manufacture date

This was taken at May 31, 2004. This was the end of another product.

Yesteday, Xiaowen (the girl on the picture) dropped an email to us for the Yuanxiao Festival. It reminded us that it was already one and half years since this picture was taken… To many friends, we make plans that we must gather once every one year. For some, we even set to meet once every several years. It sounds ridiculous when we make commitment for so long a period of time, but time always runs much faster than we can imagine.

When I thought of some other old friend, I surprised myself: “What? We haven’t seen each other for a decade already!”

9 thoughts on “Found a Piece of Old Video

  1. a reflective: turning back the clock, what would you have done differently things you have done for the past five years?

  2. it’s nice to see where you were isn’t it?

    for me, it’s always an incentive to continue becoming who I am today and who I will be tomorrow.

    life is a game full of many, many surprises. take care! = )

  3. 我看一个朋友的摄影网站,




  4. dear Jian Shuo,

    tempus fugit indeed…whenever i think of the past years, i take time to reflect upon it and vow to do something worthwhile for the future! i can see what a long and successful way you have travelled for these past few years and i must congratulate you on a job well done!

    yes, i am still a faithful reader of your blog!


  5. hehe, you are so cute, and do look very young, like a owl when wearing glasses, hehe

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