Tulip Wakes Up in my Garden

When I put the 17 tulip roots into the soil of my garden, and let “Tulip Sleeps in my Garden” on Nov 9, 2005, to be honest, I never really believed that they will come out. I have never plant Tulip before, and the soil in my garden is not good – I didn’t change the soil, so it is still not different from that on the construction site. Here is what I wrote on Nov 9, 2005.

I think Nov is just the right time to plant Tulip. We went to the flower and plants market at the Long Yang Road Metro Station (just about 200 meters south of the station), and got some roots of Tulip. I carefully put them into the soil and keep my finger crossed for good luck of the Tulips.

Hopefully, next Feb, they will grow up and have followers. I hope to share the picture of the Tulips in my garden about 4 months later.

To plant something is a pleasant experience. It brings me closer to the nature, and it helps me to learn planning better. Everything is going on so quickly, and becoming quicker and quicker, thus gives us the wrong image that we can speed up a lot of things. Plants and flowers are there to remind us silently, and gracefully that there are many things that you must be patient about. If I want nice flower next spring, I have to plant it now. If I want to get good business or personal life result, I need to plant now.

Guess what happened? Today, when Wendy’s friends visited us and I showed the Tulip site, pointed to the soil and repeated the story that I don’t really believe: “Hopefully, they will come out some time this month…”, I suddenly found something different there.

What a magic: they REALLY come out of soil!

See the pictures:







9 thoughts on “Tulip Wakes Up in my Garden

  1. How exciting! One’s first gardening experiences are especailly meaningful, Jian Shuo. I’m happy to hear that your sleeping tulips are starting to wake up. In a few weeks we will see pictures of the lovely healthy flowers they produce, and you will know that your efforts in November made a real contribution to the coming of Spring!

  2. What a nice experience! But what I saw that the soil is really not good enough to plant flower (even still concrete stone there), hopefully it will be improved in the near future.

  3. I can understand your happiness….we (me and my wife) started with some plants around 6 months back….and are always happy to see the roses etc blooming…..update the pics when the Tulips are in full bloom.

    Good Luck


  4. Lovely tulips. :)

    Do you have any recommendations on places to buy plants in Shanghai? I would like to get some small bamboo plants. Thanks!

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