Xujiahui Metro Installed Auto-Door

Auto doors were installed in Xujiahui Metro Station. See pictures blow:

Taken by Jian Shuo Wang

Taken by Jian Shuo Wang

The installation was not finished yet – only the frames. It was said the main reason to install the doors is not to ensure security (it IS one of the reasons), but the biggest advantage is to save energy for the air condition.

P.S. One of my Site Shutdown by ISP

The deadline of ICP requirement past. To be more accurate, the deadline for ICP requirement was about 5 years ago, without enforcement. The winter of 2006 is jus like that.

I have an abondoned domain name: http://blog.wangjianshuo.com hosted with CompanyCN. It was shutdown because no ICP license displayed on the website.


Screen copy as of Jan 10, 2006

There were no much real content on the server anyway, so let it be.

My friend confirmed that many ISP are using automatic tools to scan all the accounts hosted by them. If ICP numbers are not found, they automatically shutdown the site to elimate the legal risk.

I said I planned to register. I registered, and the application was pending until now. I dropped some emails via the Beian system but no reply. That means, I still didn’t get the ICP. I finally hosted all my LIVE site in U.S. I start to worry that I am using DNS in China. Maybe one day wangjianshuo.com the domain will not work. Let me plan to transfer it out first.

14 thoughts on “Xujiahui Metro Installed Auto-Door

  1. That is good to heard, the Metro is upgrading its hardware at the safty of the passengers.

    My house is at Xujiahui and I shall try it out during my return at Lunar New Year.

  2. actually the auto-door has been fully installed in the latest opened metro line no.4. and from my observation the progress of installation on metro line no.1 seems not that fast, for sake of keeping its daily operation normal. however, i believe one of the reasons must be for the safety and to avoid potential suicide, which happened many times in past year…

  3. All the sites are under high presures now. After one almost month struggling I finally got a number from then, but that somehow just make me feel even unhappier, don’t know why!

    Let’s see how far people can bear this.

  4. To carsten,

    The broadcast of Line#4 says “Shanghai Indoor Stadium” when it’s arriving 上海体育馆站, however, if you walk out the door, go upstairs and downstairs to transit Line #1, the name on the board over your head actually is “Shanghai Stadium”. (same Chinese name, different English name). What makes ppl more confusing is: the stop prior to 上海体育馆站 is 上海体育场站 (in the direction start from 大木桥路站), the broadcast states it as “Shanghai Stadium” actually, for which my understanding is to differentiate 体育馆 from 体育场, however, it’s not consistent with Line #1. Hope i’m not confusing you now…

  5. To carsten, oops, i messed up two of my comments about metro… okay, for your question, where I read such information is from newspaper.. in my memory at least there’re 3 times ppl committed suicide by jumping off tunnel, and there is once a girl was pushed off, lying there with a newspaper on hand, so people guess it was caused by the crowd..

  6. 我从镇坪路站乘4号线到上体馆站,我发现4号线,开始在地上,到宜山路站就到地下.




  7. Eleven days later and the doors are still not completely installed…

    There was an article in the 新民晚报 (Xinmin Wanbao) a few days ago about how the Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station is labelled in three different ways on signs at the Shanghai South Train Station metro stop, and how this was confusing for English speakers. Hopefully a native English speaker will step up to the plate the help the poor authorities sort things out.

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