Merry Christmas for My Friends and Family

Merry Christmas! The Christmas Eve arrives.

I’d like to send my Christmas gifts to a lot of people. As the saying: “Friends are the flowers in the garden of lives.” I love all my “flowers”. Merry X’mas to them.

Merry Christmas to Carroll screen-flower.png and Jim . You gave me most of the “Christmas feeling” for sending me may X’mas greetings and inviting me to the trimming tree party. Hope you have a wonderful new year.

Merry Christmas to my friends in San Jose – RC , Nancy , Yumi , Selim , Dan , Max , Erik , Tom , Richard, Rachael, Jacob… The list is too long that I cannot put all names, but X’mas means a lot and give me the opporunity to say how I am happy to be able to be part of this big family.

Also to my friends in San Francisco: Tom (BV Capital), other friends in BV I met in my last trip there, Andreas , Jing , Nina (KQED), Christ (Rojo), and Ginger (Six Apart). 16 hours later, the Christmas eve will shift to San Francisco. Merry X’mas to you!

Friends in Seattle, like Robert Scoble , Zhang Ning , Zhang Chen , Roger , Stone

Merry Christmas to my family in Luoyang, Tongchuan, Fuzhou, Portland, Toronto, New York, Cleveland and York in UK…

Merry Christmas my friends in Shanghai. Oh. I realize it is a really long list that I may not be able to capture all. The recent contacted include: my old friends like Mvm (sorry, the blog is still not back yet), Liurun , Linda , Hacky , Liang Ming , Steven , Yale , Grace , Hwhua , Claire , Danny , Steven Huang , Jiale , Edward , Hotcan , Jackgu , Zhao Yan , Henrygu , Wangchen , Eddie , Eddy , Tim , Helen , Hippy , Zhouxiang , Xiaowen , and many others. I listed about 30 names, but found it not possible to mention all. I do want to say Happy New Year to you.

Merry Christmas to my team at Kijiji – Ji , Vi , Ir , Ga , De , Lv , Me , Se and … just two letters without revealing too much details. ;-)

Merry Christmas to my friends in the IT industry. Thanks Hengge for treating us the Christmas evening dinner, and Happy Birthday to you today. Also Robert Mao and his wife , Gary (from Toodou), ABei (douban), Lv Xinxin (Feedsky), Isaac (special thanks for leading me to the field of innovative application I am in now), Xiaoxiong (askyaya), Zhang Zhang and Lisa , Dash , Xdanger … Also say Merry Christmas to Shangjin , Yang Linhua , Feng Dagang , Wangzhen , Keso , Liuren , Huang Fang , Fang Gang , Yubo , Fang Xingdong

My friends in Hangzhou – Huangwei and Pan Xiaowei (edushi)…

Last but not least, to Wendy . I don’t need to put it here, since we are just back from Christmas Eve Celebrate for only two of use.

Ops. It was already a long list, but it is only very small part of people I want share the happiness of a holiday with. (Sorry if your name is not here, or not in a way that you can easily discover. It is only the top of mind names at in a massy brain of about 1:00 AM). I cherish every day we spent together and expecting for great years to come. When I was at Carroll’s party, many of hers and Jim’s friends went to the party almost every years in the last 35 years! What an accomplishment. I cannot imagine that before to have close and sincere friends for that long period of time. What I learnt was, to cherish every friendship I have and maintain it as long as life lasts…

Look back, I am proud to see how many brililiant friends I have in my garden of life. I hope I am also one of the flower in yours.

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas for My Friends and Family

  1. What a beautiful way to express your love and friendship for others, Jian Shuo. I have no doubht that 35 years (and more!) from now many of those same names will continue to hold a special place in your heart.

    Holiday Hugs,

  2. Dear Jian Shuo Wang,

    I found your blog while trying to gather information on the Pudong Airport. I will arrive there in four days. You blog is by far the best source of information I’ve found, and I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for all the help. I feel a lot more comfortable about my first trip to China–I am very excited about visiting Shanghai

    I don’t speak or read Chinese and hope that simply handing a taxi driver a piece of paper with my hotel name and address in central Shanghai is going to do the trick (written in Chinese).

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas,


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