Sorry for Outage 8 Hours

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There are about 8 hour outage of the service today. All pages under are not accessible, including hosting services for my friends mvm, wendy, claire and elfe.

I got an email from


Unfortunately, we have been forced to suspend your domain account for

the following reason:

For more information about this suspension, please contact Thank you.


vDeck Abuse Department

There was no reasons, while the account was suspended. Finally, after email conversation, it turned out the problem was “Your account was suspended for hosting phishing pages.”

What is pishing pages? I guess it is those who post comment to ask you to give them bank account so they can transfer huge amount of money from Africa… After some work, the site is back… I feel frustrated that there is technical problems after about one year of operation without big problems.

What a surprise. Someone took

There must be a lot of people who forget to input the dot between home and so to bring some traffic. So they collect the traffic, put it together with other smaller traffic they get from many mis-spelled domains and send it to this site. They must generate some revenue this way.

I feel paranoid that someone started to look into the domain and want to secure more domains. I just bought, and in case someone take it. The Yahoo! Domain offer of 2.99 USD is cheap enough to secure a domain – but the bad thing is, it offers to new customers only. It is very reasonable though.

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Cannot Comment on this Blog?

Shirley, I got your email. I am sorry that you cannot post to this site. Maybe others also face the problem. Let me explain why it happens.

To fight against comment spam, I implemented blacklist.cgi to filter the spams. As you may see, there are many comment spams on this site, and I added many banned URLs and words that commonly used in the spams to ban them. The result is, I am banning about 300 spam attempt every single day using the system.

Unfortunately, your comment may be one of the 300 banned spam. You will see what part of the post is considered “spam-like”. You can either add some dash or dot to workaround it, or write me an email or comment on my site (again, you need to workaround on these words), so I can remove some keywords. To be honest, the system does not always work. The auto detection some times does not always work well. I have ever added common words like “” or even a dot (.) to the ban list. A dot means any alphabetic character – which banned many people from posting for quite some time before I discover. So, it not always work. I tried, but be tolerant with me. :-)

Going Back

Packing my package and will leave San Jose and be back to Shanghai. The flight will take off around noon, and arrive in Shanghai at 7:45 PM the second day (Dec 15, 2005).

Thanks for everyone’s host, and offering to host me. I may be back to San Jose early next year. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

3 thoughts on “Sorry for Outage 8 Hours

  1. Safe trip, Jian Shuo! It was so great to have you here to meet our friends last weekend. I feel truly honored that you were able to fit that visit in to your busy work schedule. And yes, I did see the outage here at your blog today. I was worried that maybe for some reason the recent “controversial” comments you’ve been getting had triggered some sort of shut-down. So, it’s a relief to hear it was “only” a relatively temporary mix-up. The other day I experienced something similar due to a typo while I was going to hotmail. Someone has obviously purchased the rights to “hotmial” and I’m sure they get a ton of hits from careless fingers like mine. Please give Wendy a hug from me when you get home, and come see us again any time!

  2. What is phishing? Good question. It’s a parody of fishing. It’s tricking people into doing something against their own interest – giving up privacy, or losing their money.

    Does this blog contain phishing pages? Absolutely. Portraying China as a normal country is phishing. China is NOT. Talking about Starbucks in Shanghai without mentioning how many people are abused by their own un-elected government and can’t afford to basic needs is phishing. It’s targeting unwary readers, tricking them into believing China is just another decent country where people can thrive without compromising their own integrity. It’s tricking those poor naive victim from the West into ‘go China’ to lose to their shirt.

    It’s a phishing world. Enter at your own risk. Consider yourself be warned.

  3. Hi, Bellevue,

    It is really good to know that you do know something about China, which is my homeland. But I would say that the owner of this website is not sort of organization, but an individual person only. I think that he has made clearly that what he wants to do is to provide useful information to those who are going to china for business or lesiure sake. What he put here is more about his own experience with respect to the development in his city and his country. He bears no duty as like a wathdog has to report everything tragic or unfair to give you a chance to distort the way how he thinks of his country and his city.

    I guess he would say thank to you for you regarding his website as the main way to know what is going on in this country.

    Actually diversity of opinion-holders is positive and helpful to the author to form an objective view. But what you said and the way you said are just mean.

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