Happy Birthday to Robert Mao

The other day, on the street of Los Gatos, I saw a plate before a garden shop (I don’t know how to put it better. It is a shop selling flowers, garden tools and decorations). It says: Friends are flowers in the garden of life.

I have a lot of flowers in my garden of life. Robert Mao is one. Today is his birthday, and I’d love to send a happy birthday card. My card is special, a page on my blog (this page). He runs UUZone and inspired me a lot about the new ideas, philosophy of life and how to think out of box and get actively involved in the technical discussion around the world – he, as the CEO of a Nanjing based company, actively participate in many international events, that really helped a lot on the business.

Happy Birthday Mao!

P.S. Mao is right. I got the notification from UUZone to notify me about his birthday. I said last time when we met: you are actually running a birthday business.

P.S. 2. The other sweet quote I saw in the shop was: Come into the garden. My flowers want to meet you. :-)

P.S. 3. A Really Good Personal Information Management Tool

Till now, I really want to find a good personal information management tool. Here are my personal challenges:

1. I got a lot of emails. Many of them are a question in my hotmail email box. I replied, and that’s it. It seems we two are the strangers in a metro station that we see each other once, smiled to each other, and that is the only contact we meet in our whole life. Even if we meet sometime later, we have no idea that we have met before. My initial think is, it is nature. Do not try to improve it, since it is how the nature works. In the long run, one’s whole life is something like the 3 seconds in the metro station – happens quickly and disappears as quickly.

2. I have very good friends and important friends to me. I want to have some ways to get connected and say hi sometimes after 3 years we haven’t contacted each other.

3. Meet people. For example, when I come to San Jose, I have many friends (old or new) to meet, but finally, sometimes I forget who lives nearby, whether he/she is in town and finally, we don’t meet.

There are many social network software. But just like a good bed does not solve the sleeping problem. There must be some way (methodology + tools + rules) to help me out. It gives big opportunities to the SNS companies.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Robert Mao

  1. Is there anyone who would be able to an accurate definition of friendship? Because I am very confused.

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