Cheng Shan Road Opens

After one year of construction, the Cheng Shan Road near my apartment finally opens these days. It provides a new way to directly go to the Lupu Bridge directly from my home.

Along the road, there are still many villages. Although it is the site of the Shanghai Expo 2010, currently, there are still villages in the cities. The villigers are planning their new life since the villages will be moved to other places, and modern buildings will raise at the same place. The road is the first step to kick off this kind of construnction. I believe in the year 2010, this area will be completely another new look.

The opening of the road is great news to me. When people are discussing big events in the world, the small news like the completion of a road around my apartment is something really meaning for me.

P.S: Google Local was release recently. The domain is, a very local name. Meanwhile, it gives a much shorter name for the Chinese version of Google Local.

5 thoughts on “Cheng Shan Road Opens

  1. I C. Bendi – local. It is like “” . It looks quite good. That would be cool if it is combined with Google Earth!

  2. Wang Jinshuo,

    Any idea what the average pay for engineers in Shanghai? I am a Mechanical Engineer with 8 years oversea experience. I am a China national with a UK degree. keep on thinking going back to China nowadays. anyone here can advise me?

  3. Sorry, I spelt your name wrongly, It should be Wang Jianshuo.

    BTW, good job. the most outstanding Chinese Blog I have ever come across. keep it up and stay cool.

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