Price Increase of Shanghai Metro

It is HEARD that the price of Shanghai Metro will continue to increase due to the high pressure from the passenger volume at rush hours. The lowest price will be adjusted to 3 RMB from 2, and it takes 5 RMB from Long Yang Road in Pudong to Xujiahui in Puxi. Now, it is only 3 RMB.

Meanwhile, since the Dong Fang Metro Station is the conjunction station of three metro lines, it will be closed for 1 years for construction. The transition square of the People’s Square seems will be completed soon, and I guess at that time, the transition between Metro Line 1 and Line 2 will be shortened…

Just some random news about Shanghai Metro…

11 thoughts on “Price Increase of Shanghai Metro

  1. Too bad the price for the metro will go up. I don’t think it will help even a bit to decrease the traffic. Most people using the metro rely on it to get to their work, if they wouldn’t use the metro they would take much longer to arrive at their work so they just stand the awfully busy metro.

    It would be better if there would be actual structural improvements for the metro network, like decreasing the interval on line 1 and 2. Currently the interval is around 3 to 4 minutes on line 1, which is much to high. If they would decrease this to around 1 minute the traffic flow would be much better.

    It seems quite strange that they have to close the Dong Fang Metro Station for a full year just to add on more line. In the future there will be another line added at this station (making it the biggest in the shanghai network), will they close it for another year then? I don’t see them closing Shanghai Railway Station for example to add the new line. For Dong Fang it might be different as they will add a line underground there, but a full year seems extremely long to me. At most a couple of months should be enough.

  2. yep, it is just an excuse to collect more money, people need to ride it still need to ride it unless the price incease so much that people can take taxi :)

  3. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long… I wish the fare could be more expensive and there could be policemen patrolling with billy clubs (or pistols).

  4. Metro increases in price is not unusual as the oil price is going to keep increasing, of course shall always find others ways to reduce running cost first. I am going to arrive in shanghai at 6am on 8 sep 2005. Any ideas what to do early in the morning. Please help? I cannot figure out myself. Thanks in advance.

  5. Shanghai Metro may be the best underground railway in China but still regarded as obsolete in international standard especially when compared to MTR in Hong Kong.

    Additional revenue collected can be best used on improving signalling system enable shorter interval between trains. Erection of screen door at concourse can better protect the passengers. Build more two ways escalators to facilitate travellers. Better HVAC add to the comfort of the riders. Bazaar like market condition at concourse should be rectified.


  6. “Meanwhile, since the Dong Fang Metro Station is the conjunction station of three metro lines, it will be closed for 1 years for construction. ”

    I couldn’t find the connection between “since…” and “it…”

  7. I hope this increase in metro price would mean more trains as well so that the waiting time will be decreased. 5 minutes or even more than that (as trains here can be late as I’ve observed) of waiting time is not convenient and inefficient at all. I believe this is also the reason why there’s overcrowding…there are only a few trains that can service the passengers.

  8. Sorry to divert the issue a bit….I am an Indian planning to relocate to Shanghai as a qa amanger in a autoparts manufacturing firm of US origin.So…what salary should I expect considering the living cost (now that metro is costlier too!)…about 35K USD/yr OK??

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