Blogging about the Exhibition

Immediately after Claire announced the exhibition, 7 bloggers caught the news and blogged about it.

No.1: Carmen: Wang’s photography exhibition Thanks Jiawen for mentioning the Coffee Bean Club also.

No. 2: skylee: L’invitation au Voyage . It is a nice posting to help us to get more visitors.

No. 3: stefan zweig offered free advertisement for the exhibition. The author mentioned it seems a LOMO exhibition. I learnt LOMO when I talked with the owner of the Room of a View. It is true. The difference is, LOMO pictures are typically taken with LOMO camera, while ours are taken with Nikon (Edward’s), Canon 300D (Claire’s), and SONY P8 (mine). The idea is the same. We also have a wall of all the pictures. It is the same idea as LOMO wall.

No. 4: Claire Song (not the photographer in this exhibition) recommended the exhibition as a must-see exhibition. Thank you Claire! She said: “I always think Shanghai is a fantastic city. There are someone holding this type of exhibition in this city. It confirmed my impression.”

No. 5: Lisa also helped to put the announcement on her blog.

No. 6: My favorite runliu also posted about the exhibition. Thanks Run to address me as the most PC (Productive and Creative) he worked with. haha. I am so flattered.

No. 7: marco not only contributed his time, also blogged the announcement. I hope there should be some comments around it.

Update April 1, 2005

No. 8: Eric mentioned the exhibition but I didn’t put it to the list yesterday. He was heart broken. Sorry Eric!

No. 9: Raymond said: “This is an event that I think is very encouraging. An exhibition organized by ordinary people, not some famous professional photographers, showing pictures of places they had been to, from a very personal perspective.” Nice point.

No. 10: Eddy helped to put an advertisement on his blog

End of update

Update April 4, 2005

No. 11. Peak from blogbus are among our first visitors in Saturday noon. He posted the scene that all the framed photos are on the ground. The picture itself was well shot. It is one of the most detailed recording of the event so far.

No. 12. Max mentioned the exhibition and I am happy to know he will return Shanghai from Europe. Life is short. Let’s have fun. Blogging makes it possible for long-time-no-see friends to get together.

No. 13. John wrote: “Here is a grassroots photography exhibition in Shanghai, and I am quite excited about seeing this kind of initiatives emerging in my hometown. I look forward to its début, and wish for its success”. I met John and his family in the exhibition. John was kind enough to donate a picture he just brought back from Hawaii to the exhibition. He is also the first to sign on our comments wall.

No. 14. Sisi said “The most attracting thing in the exhibition is the poster: This is NOT a photography exhibition”. Nice observation. It is also my favorite.

No. 15. To be honest mentioned the event and then commented in his own words.

No. 16. Good Knight updated his blog and posted many photos about the preparation work of the exhibition. It is the best guide for first time visitors to find the place. I admit the place of the exhibition is not easy to find.

No. 17. Gudi mentioned the blog with one sentence: “The photos are just so-so”. It is honest and straight forward feedback. I love it. The point is to show something. Actually, I started to worry a lot that “Did we put too much time to present the BEST part of the photo and went farther from the original goal?”

End of update

Our goal is to have 50 bloggers mention about the exhibition. If you want to link to it, please comment on the exhibition – not only the photo, but also the idea. It is something like “Link and Think” project for AIDS. Think is even more important than link. The goal of the exhibition is just to inspire more people to do something they never dreamed of. The basic concept is, you can always try something that seems too far away from you. Please include a link or logo to our sponsor UUZone, the leading Social Network Software in China. You can continue track back to this entry or leave comment on Claire’s Chinese blog entry.

Meanwhile, some traditional media are sensitive enough to notice the event and called to report it. On one hand, it is very good news for us. On the other hand, maybe it just indicates the importance of fresh ideas and excitement for this city.

To be continued: Blogging about the Exhibition – Part II

9 thoughts on “Blogging about the Exhibition

  1. 参观王建ç¡o 等人的撄影å±o

      中午出叒去苏州河艺术区参观王建ç¡o çš„æ’„å½±å±o ,一行还有GoodKnightå’Œå¦-蛊。到苏州河后按地图的æ-¹å’走去,绔果又走过头了,忘了这是上海,地图比例很大的,所以“一段距离”是很迒的々

  2. Great to get your feedback. :-)

    I put update in my space about your exhibition and will keep a close eye on it. Hope I can go to see your exhibition so!!

  3. “ÂÃÐеÄÑûÔ¼¡°ÉãÓ°Õ¹

    Name: L’Invitation au Voyage Venue: 1 Floor, Building 8, Suzhou Creek Art Area, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai Time: April 1 to April 31, 2005 Entrance Fee: Free ¡°ÂÃÐеÄÑûÔ¼¡±ÉãÓ°Õ¹ µØÖ·£ºÉϺ£ÊÐĪ¸Éɽ·50ºÅËÕÖݺÓÒÕÊõÇø4ºÅÂ¥B×ù9ÊÒ Ê±¼ä£º2005Äê4ÔÂ1ÈÕÖÁ2005…

  4. Photo exhibition in Shanghai by fellow bloggers

    Jian Shuo Wang, together with Claire and Edward, had decided to hold an art exhibition in Shanghai, China.

    Jian Shuo Wang not only blog daily about life and events in Shanghai, but also had taken many photographs on many of his trips, be it business…

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