Claire on the Exhibition

Claire wrote about the exhibition. UUZone agreed to sponsor part of the expense. Thanks Robert and Xie.

Taxi Driver’s Life

I glanced the newspaper and learnt the taxi companies in Shanghai agreed to give 200 RMB per taxi per month to help them to fight against the continous increase in gas price. There are 46,000 taxis in Shanghai, but it is not more more difficult to hire a taxi these days.

5 thoughts on “Claire on the Exhibition

  1. It is a perfect time to promote hybrid cars (e.g. Toyota’s Prius), better diesel cars (e.g. VW’s Passat TDI) or pure ethanol cars, other than paying back 200RMB. Use that 200MB as a monthly discount for new tech cars!

  2. I drive a 2004 Prius. I get 45-50 MPG in average depending on conditions such as terrian, temperature, etc. With ever increasing gas price ($2.05 a gallon in Houston, TX, USA), the breakeven point has been approaching faster. You have to pay sticker price or higher to get a new one as Toyata is not ramping up production enough to meet the large demand.

  3. If only considering the gas price, I would rather give up the prius or other hybrid Japanese cars. No Japanese vehicles…

    If you are in north america, car-pool is not a bad idea, or if you live in big cities, you can even live without a car.

    If you are in China, I think public transportation is enough…

    OR, you can walk or bicycle, not only because of the high gas price, but also for our Earth

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