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It is prooven that professional web hosting like iPowerWeb is really better than the hosting environment at my home :-D and better than my previous hosting company. I was suffering for server down [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] at the begining of 2004. Then I migrated the server to professional web hosting service. The cost doubled but the result is better than tripled. I checked the availiablity report today and the result is not bad:


From the table, we can clearly see since April 2005, my server was not restarted so the uptime continued to grow. Before the migration, the uptime was in a mass, as shown in the number – the 90 day average never reached 15 days. :-(

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  1. Wang Jian Shuo,

    I’ve had a domain with iPowerWeb for several years now that I use for my personal sites, image storage, ect. Would you recommend going with a service like that instead of one based here in China? I’m currently living in Wenzhou and would like to register a domain and create a basic web presence for the company I’m working for. I’ve had such a positive experience with iPowerWeb in the past I’m tempted to stick with them, but thought that there might be some cheaper alternatives here in 中国. Any insight?

  2. What you are talking about is true. I have been using such technologies for many years and I am sure that the Internet will soon win the whole world. The most important thing for your site is to choose a reliable web hosting.

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